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SAUDI ARABIA - Health & Education

Sabri Sabri

Managing Director, DaVita KSA


Sabri Sabri leads DaVita Saudi Arabia business responsible for providing kidney services for more than 3,000 patients with 25 clinics and 950+ teammates. He has a bachelor degree in accounting from the University of Toledo and a Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix. He joined DaVita in 2014 as the Chief Financial Officer. He became National Operations Director, and helped grow the Saudi Arabia operations from the beginning. He has more than 25 years of experience across different industries of which 15 years in Saudi Arabia market. He worked for AT&T in the U.S, Motorola and Microsoft in Saudi Arabia. He has extensive experience in building start-up / “green field” operations in the Kingdom.

"DaVita Inc., a Fortune 500® company, is one of the USA’s largest and most innovative healthcare communities, leveraging a passion for and commitment to clinical excellence and improving patients’ health and quality of life."
TBY talks to Sabri Sabri, Managing Director of DaVita KSA, about operations in Saudi Arabia and building an integrated kidney care pathway.
Can you introduce DaVita and provide an overview of its operations?

DaVita Inc., a Fortune 500® company, is one of the USA’s largest and most innovative healthcare communities, leveraging a passion for and commitment to clinical excellence and improving patients’ health and quality of life. DaVita is present in eleven Countries around the word (USA, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Singapore, and UK) that serve more than 250,000 patients. DaVita’s experience in home dialysis spans over two decades. DaVita cares for about 35,000 home dialysis patients, mostly Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients and ~3,500 Home Hemodialysis (HHD) patients. DaVita KSA was launched in 2014 under a contract with MOH for five years that was extended for another five years to improve the quality of life for people with kidney failure. We currently operate at 25 clinics in urban and suburban areas of the Kingdom. Our team strives hard to achieve that vision and embrace the unique DaVita Way that encompasses integrated quality, multidisciplinary team and change management practice. Our Service are not limited to In-Center Dialysis but also provide services in Conventional Home Dialysis, Kidney Care Management, Holiday Dialysis, and Solid Patient Experience Programs that are solidly deigned to improve the Quality of life to our Patients in Saudi Arabia.

How is DaVita positioned to boost and improve the quality of life of the communities living in Saudi Arabia?

Our journey began in 2014 when we partnered with the Ministry of Health, initially focusing on in-center hemodialysis for patients who spent considerable time—about four hours, three times a week—within our facilities. Over the years, our relentless pursuit has been achieving perfection in clinical dialysis performance within the first seven years. We have introduced a program, Rewards, enabling patients to not only enhance their technical skills but also expand their knowledge base. With over 60,000 training sessions conducted, we have extended this program beyond just patients to include their families as well. Moreover, our advocacy group, comprised of our own patients, plays a pivotal role. They act as ambassadors, welcoming newcomers and providing invaluable insights and guidance, making the onboarding process seamless. It is the unique connection when one patient shares their experience with another that truly resonates and reassures.

How have you adapted your global expertise to meet the specific healthcare needs of the Saudi population?

We entered the Saudi market as a “global” company, laying down robust foundations that showcase the immense value a multinational entity can contribute to a market. In 2022, we initiated a groundbreaking program called the Kidney Care Program, initially piloted in Medina and Mecca, aiming to screen the public for potential kidney issues. In Medina, we have screened around 5,000 individuals, engaging in roughly 20,000 interactions. We have even set up stations at the airport, encouraging people to undergo a risk assessment by providing blood and urine samples for lab tests. Using an algorithm, we determine their risk of kidney deterioration and accordingly refer those at risk to primary care within their cluster. This successful pilot has already conducted over 9,000 tests, interacting with more than 35,000 individuals. We have reached out to various public spaces—malls, schools, offices, and airports—garnering positive engagement. Our aim is to educate people about kidney health, urging them to prioritize care for their kidneys, diabetes, and hypertension. Education and preventive measures are crucial, and we play a pivotal role in this aspect. The Kidney Care Program exemplifies how we have adapted our global expertise to suit the local market. Drawing from experiences in the US, Colombia, Brazil, and Germany, we have tailored our approach, infusing local insights from Saudi physicians while adhering to international standards. This unique program, designed specifically for Saudis, has significantly expanded our impact. Another focal point has been home dialysis. Our vision emphasizes providing patients the choice of undergoing dialysis at home as an option. We initiated this program in June 2022 and have since grown to accommodate 60 patients and are steadily expanding. Our goal is not to just manage kidney disease but also enable patients to lead fulfilling lives, engaging in activities they enjoy. In 2023, we even launched a program supporting our patients in their businesses and technical skills.

Can you share your medium-term priorities for DaVita KSA?

Our priority is to continue to actively engage with our partners MOH and rollout the integrated kidney care pathway. Additionally, the DaVita Experience driving all our interactions. When anyone engages with DaVita, we prioritize understanding how they perceive their interaction with us, no matter if they are a patient, vendor, partner, or others. Internally, it is essential that our team feels a part of the cohesive “DaVita Village,” ensuring their comfort and support as valued teammates. Equally crucial is ensuring that patients find a sense of ease and belonging within our village. Additionally, fostering confidence among our partners, such as the MoH, in our ability to provide exceptional care is integral to our culture. Embedded in DaVita’s culture is the belief that everyone within the organization embodies leadership qualities, contributing to our collective success.



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