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Xaliq Ismayilov


Safety First

General Director, Safe Life


From 2003 to 2007, Xaliq Ismayilov worked as Chief Executive of Aksesuar İnşaat in Baku. He is currently the General Director of Safe Life.

Safe Life has had an eventful 2013, marked by several large-scale projects. What major projects have come on-stream this year? Safe Life has been involved in a number of significant […]

Safe Life has had an eventful 2013, marked by several large-scale projects. What major projects have come on-stream this year?

Safe Life has been involved in a number of significant projects in Azerbaijan. These have included the Winter Boulevard project, the preparation of a two-story underground parking system of over 700 meters in length, and perimeter protection and high-level security provided for the Mingechaur Hydroelectric project. Other projects include the Gabala Convention Center, in which Safe Life installed the fire alarm, water, fire control, and IP video surveillance systems. All of these projects were carried out using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions.

What benefits does Safe Life bring to its partners?

Safe Life is the only company that is licensed to design, manufacture, install, and distribute fire safety technology in Azerbaijan. Today, technology is evolving exponentially, and in response, Safe Life always seeks to offer the latest and most economical solutions to its clients. The company offers innovative solutions based on increasing market demand and the latest in R&D.

The company has diversified its distribution chain to include numerous types of safety equipment. What vision drives this operational diversification, and where do you see this going over the next few years?

The main goal of Safe Life is to offer comprehensive services and solutions for all types of safety products. Recently, parking management, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), and building management systems have been added to our portfolio.

What would you say underpins Safe Life’s success?

The success factor of our company is its professional approach and the quality of service it offers. The number of contracts we have signed on major projects is another indicator of our achievements.

How does Safe Life raise awareness about its new products on offer?

Our showroom demonstrates the functionality of fire safety systems to potential clients interactively, and in the future we will become more of a force in the wholesale market. The company will also maintain a high profile by exhibiting its systems and equipment at conferences and seminars.

As a trusted government partner, in what ways does Safe Life contribute to creating a culture of safety in Azerbaijan?

At the moment, local operational safety standards remain incomplete. The specialists at Safe Life offer clients innovative solutions according to modern standards. Our staff fully understands the need to specify superior solutions based on the experience of global fire standards, such as the Russian SNiP standards.

People are at the heart of Safe Life’s growth, and its staff has more than doubled over the past two years. What is your human resources strategy?

The basic principle of Safe Life relies on giving professional knowledge to the crew, and training our specialists to the highest possible level. To achieve this, the company receives constant support from its partner. In any serious study of a system to be used by the company, employees take part in international events, workshops, and seminars. Irrespective of the type of project Safe Life undertakes, we do not outsource labor, preferring to develop the company’s internal human resources instead.



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