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Said bin Hamoud Al Maawali

OMAN - Transport

Said bin Hamoud Al Maawali

Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology,


TBY talks to Said bin Hamoud Al Maawali, Minister of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology.

As you replaced the Ministry of Technology and Communications last year, how did that reflect on your mandate?

It is a positive thing to link transport with the other two sectors because these are the sectors in which we expect new growth. Because of the development, especially in the digital world, these sectors are intertwined. There is a solid connection there, and we need to be part of this story rather than just spectators. In the ministry, I work closely with the team to not only handle restructuring but also determine what the future should look like and what we should shape in terms of laws, policies, and regulations. Two things need to happen. In the logistics part, we have brand-new airports, ports, and roads, and we need to do more to get them to work together. The glue to do that is regulations as well as advancements in the digital world. We need to make sure that our work here in parallel helps the two sectors become stronger.

What are your main objectives for the next 12 months?

We need to finalize our work with ports, as we already have some traction. We also need to work harder on preparing for post-COVID-19 in every sector possible. We have proposed to the government some changes in the digital economy strategy, e-government strategy, and the growth plan of the sectors and are following up on those with the cabinet. I have to continue working with my team on internal changes when it comes to deploying continuous business improvement methods within the ministry and making quick stopgaps by changing some of the processes and making them more efficient. Our starting point is solid, though the width of what is coming up is huge so we need to cast a wide net.



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