The Business Year

Edmundo Mesta Casavantes

CEO, Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente

Luis Guillermo Irigoyen

CEO, Hospital SEDNA

How would you assess the health sector, and what does your company bring to the industry? EDMUNDO MESTA The level of medical skill here is excellent. We are going to […]

How would you assess the health sector, and what does your company bring to the industry?

EDMUNDO MESTA The level of medical skill here is excellent. We are going to bring even more competition to the community and improve standards overall. We operate the most advanced technology in the market. What we are bringing is truly novel, and we are going to force our competition to step up their own use of technology. We are set to improve our medical services, and raise the level of technology, so that more medical specialties will develop, and with this huge improvement in health services our patients will be the ones to benefit. Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente will now have more efficient, and higher quality medical services. Grupo Ángeles is rescuing this hospital from it’s current situation. Now, Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente has 27 hospitals that will support it. We are set to invest $70 million in the hospital, and a further $20 million.

LUIS GUILLERMO IRIGOYEN SEDNA opened up six years ago, it was a women’s only hospital with OBGYNs, gynecologists, and maternity specialists; however, in 2013, we saw that we were not maximizing the opportunities available to us, specifically regarding a condition that has sadly been on the rise, namely cancer. We decided to diversify from that vocation and instead open up to high specialty areas, such as oncology. We not only have specialist doctors in this field, but also surgeons, nutrition specialists, cancer specialists, psychology, and rehabilitation. We want to create a center of excellence in oncology, but are keen to pursue other specializations as well. In fact, our plan is to present ourselves as a boutique hospital of high quality services, as well as a center of excellence with ties to national and international brand names. Prior to this agreement, all services had to be provided by a government agency hospital or institution. We like to believe that our efforts will help to reduce patients’ waiting time.

What is your long-term outlook for the future of your hospital and the sector?

EM Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente will transform into Hospital Angeles Valle Oriente (HAVO) with a dynamic philosophy. We have certain guidelines but we are very flexible, we are here to do whatever we have to do in order to give the best medical service, and to compete under the toughest of circumstances. Our brand, Hospitales Angeles, supports our service, so it is going to be interesting to observe the evolution of the hospital into HAVO. We intend to be the leaders in hospital services in Monterrey. This hospital will also play a role in the improvement of the economy by creating new jobs and developing human capital.

LGI I believe that the healthcare outlook is positive; it is an opportunity for us as a country and for the sector. Between 2009 and 2013, economic contraction was a common factor for everyone. The latest reform entails economic, political, and labor amendments. In 2014, we will potentially see the health reform enable private institutions to invest. This would in turn motivate investment in infrastructure, human capital, and technology in order to grow, raise the level of service and be able to treat more patients.



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