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Given that copper is one of the metals of the future and the immense copper resources around Colombia, the country has a great opportunity to become a key global player in the copper market.

Santiago Varela

General Manager, Minerales Córdoba

Minerales Córdoba is a Canadian-based company, committed to the sustainable development of mining projects in the department of Córdoba and other regions in Colombia, under the conviction of creating value for the communities and the country in general. We have strong financial and technical support from our shareholders, which guarantees the transfer of their know-how to the project. The company’s management team has extensive experience in the acquisition, exploration, and development of world-class mining projects and a proven track record in discovering new porphyry deposits in unexplored areas. In addition, the San Matías Project, located south of Córdoba, is structured to bring prosperity to the region and its communities, which is essential for its development. We seek to become a relevant participant in the development of the country by consolidating one of the three most important mining projects for the national government. The commissioning of the project will bring innumerable benefits to the region, through an ambitious open-pit operation, in which we estimate a production of around 474,000 tons of copper, 1 million ounces of gold, and almost 8 million ounces of silver, in an estimated time of 13 years.

Hamyr González

President, Minera Cobre de Colombia

Minera Cobre de Colombia has a long history operating successfully within its region of interest and strong support from its Canadian parent company, MCC Mining Corporation. Minera Cobre holds the most promising and extensive copper exploration portfolio in the country. We want to be the company recognized for developing the potential of copper in the country, while being environmentally and socially engaged and responsible. Through our persistent efforts and solid international financial support, we are in the position to offer Colombia the opportunity to develop a healthy and sustainable copper industry that would offset the country’s economic overdependence on carbon exports. Minera Cobre holds the most important portfolio of copper exploration projects in Colombia and one of the most important in the world. We are exploring for large porphyry copper deposits of the same type that occur throughout the rest of the prolific Andean copper belt extending from Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador and continues into Panama. The Andean copper belt is responsible for 40% of the world’s copper production. We have discovered porphyry copper deposits with principal by-product contents in gold and molybdenum, which add significantly to the potential economic value of the targets.

Fernando E. Ganoza

CEO & Director, Fernando E. Ganoza

Atico is a Canadian company that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange. We are focused on copper and gold mining in Latin America. We have an operating copper mine in Colombia, El Roble, and a project in Ecuador. El Roble has been in operation for over 30 years, and we took it from a small mine to a mid-sized, underground operation with high standards. It is one of the few modern underground mines in Colombia and the only copper concentrate producer in the country. This the first time Colombia is moving, storing, and shipping it. From that perspective, the infrastructure that we have created will create a path for other copper producers that follow in our footsteps. One specialization is underground mining. In the copper world, most mines are large open-pit mines. So, from the underground perspective, we have introduced many high standards in terms of safety, the environment, and the technology employed. There are few modern underground mines in Colombia, and El Roble is a prime example. And the logistics of producing, moving, and selling the concentrate is another key aspect that is helping the country understand how best to move copper concentrates.



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