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Sara Batalha

ANGOLA - Health & Education

Sara Batalha

CEO, MTW Portugal


Sara Batalha has been MTW Portugal’s CEO since 2007 – a leadership advisory and training company for the world’s most admired brands and their leaders. She’s one of Portugal’s most influential communication, business, and leadership voices. Featured in Portuguese television, such as RTP1 e 2, SIC Notícias, TVI as on weekly newspaper Expresso, Jornal de Negócios, Visão. She and her team have built a reputation for transforming more than 17 000 leaders into powerful storytellers and communicators at Portugal’s largest and most admired brands, including Galp, Microsoft, Axians, Altice, Semapa, Amorim, EDP, Mota Engil, REN, SONAE, Volkswagen Digital Solutions, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, Deloitte, OutSystems, Stellaxius, Forvia, and many others. In 2018, the world’s most advanced learning platform arrived in Portugal, and now MTW Adaptive Learning is starting a revolution in the business world.

"At MTW, our vision is both clear and dedicated. We aim to elevate communication as a central element in human relations and business, which is particularly vital as we expand into the Angolan market."
TBY talks to Sara Batalha, CEO of MTW Portugal, about services on offer, meeting the needs of modern executives, and new technology such as AI.
With MTW’s expertise in providing media training, public speaking, and presentation training services and consulting, how do you plan to transfer these services to the Angolan market?

At MTW, our vision is both clear and dedicated. We aim to elevate communication as a central element in human relations and business, which is particularly vital as we expand into the Angolan market. Since 2007, MTW has crafted personalized solutions that deliver measurable results in communication skills, benefiting over 17,000 clients. Our mission is deeply ingrained in the MTW Methodology®. This system has been honed and perfected over the years through extensive experience, world-renowned certifications, and a thorough analysis of scientific studies and human behaviors. We understand that effective communication is much more than just exchanging information. It’s about influencing, demonstrating leadership, and creating impactful connections. In Angola, we are fully committed to bringing this vision to life for every professional, team, and organization we work with. Our approach is highly bespoke, tailored to meet and address each client’s unique challenges and aspirations. Whether it’s a CEO, a team leader, or an aspiring professional, our tailored training and consultancy services are designed to elevate communication skills to exceptional levels. We believe in harnessing the power of effective communication to drive change, build stronger relationships, and make the way for corporate success in Angola. MTW Portugal and BAI Academy have formed a partnership for a program aimed at promoting the development of modern and demanding executives.

How does this partnership contribute to the overall goal of fostering the development of modern and demanding executives?

Our partnership with ABAI Academy is a strategic and forward-thinking collaboration, cultivating a new generation of leaders through our innovative MBA in Soft Skills & Influence, and future Adaptive Learning initiatives. These programs represent our deep commitment to developing modern, influential executives with the power skills to navigate today’s complex business landscape. We designed the curriculum around three core pillars. First is cognitive behavior, which is all about fostering critical, creative, and holistic thinking. The second pillar focuses on collaborative behavior, enhancing teamwork, and productive dialogue. The third and equally crucial pillar is self-reflection, essential for reaching peak performance levels. What sets this journey apart is that it transcends traditional learning paradigms. It’s a blend of data-driven decision-making and adaptive learning initiatives, ensuring that the program imparts skills and nurtures the emotional and social competencies vital for contemporary leadership. It’s more than just enhancing leadership capabilities; it’s an opportunity to become part of a dynamic, like-minded community. This program is about sharing experiences, building a solid professional network, and growing collectively to become influential leaders in today’s interconnected and ever-evolving world.

In the dynamic realm of corporate education, how are you changing Corporate Learning and Leadership Training with Adaptive Learning and AI Technology?

At MTW, we transform corporate learning and leadership training by seamlessly integrating Adaptive Learning and AI Systems. This approach revolutionizes the traditional learning model, making it more personalized, efficient, and impactful. We aim to foster a learning environment where technology and human insight synergize, enhancing and accelerating the learning experience. Adaptive Learning at MTW focuses on understanding and accommodating each individual’s unique learning styles and paces. It allows us to create tailored learning paths that precisely address each learner’s needs and objectives. This methodology is particularly potent in corporate settings, where the need for rapid and relevant skill development is often a direct response to business demands and outcomes. Our approach drives careers and organizations to new heights, leveraging the power of Adaptive Learning. We’re providing training and enabling continuous personal and professional growth powered by the latest advancements in these technologies.

Generated Data includes information encompassing data, features, functionality, tools, analyses, results, estimates, recommendations, and more, how does utilizing this data impact your business core?

At MTW, we deeply understand the transformative power of data in corporate learning. It’s a pivotal tool that shapes our learning and development strategies. With the generated data, we craft learning experiences that are effective and directly aligned with the specific goals of individuals and organizations. This data-driven approach is critical to tailoring our learning solutions precisely, ensuring they deliver maximum impact and a significant return on investment. The insights we gain from generated data are priceless. They provide a clear view of learning patterns, effectiveness, and outcomes. This information is crucial for continuously refining our methodologies and content, ensuring that our training programs remain innovative and ahead of the curve. Our approach transcends traditional learning models, offering measurable and meaningful value. Whether the goal is to enhance team performance, drive organizational change, develop new skills, and deliver tangible results. We are committed to transforming how people learn, grow, and succeed in an environment where data informs and drives decisions.

MTW Portugal has entered the Angolan market with strong partners. What can we expect for the firm’s future in the country?

Since we entered the Angolan market in 2010, MTW has been pivotal in reshaping the corporate learning landscape. Our deep understanding of the market dynamics and extensive experience working with top executives across various sectors uniquely position us to spearhead growth and innovation in Angola. We’re not just adapting to changes but actively leading the transformation. Our focus is on pioneering Adaptive Learning and data analytics and offering a comprehensive core program suite that meets the evolving needs of the Angolan market. These include Media Training, Public Speaking, Presentation Training, and Communication to Influence. For Leaders, Future Leaders and Organizations. On the other hand, our Leadership Academy shows our commitment to excellence and innovation. It offers a wide array of power skills designed as theoretical concepts and practical tools that can be applied immediately in the workplace. This approach ensures tangible results and fosters transformative learning experiences. Looking ahead, MTW wants to be a key partner for businesses and professionals in Angola. Whether it’s enhancing team capabilities or advancing individual careers, we are committed to helping to unlock the full potential of teams and organizations. We’re excited to continue this journey of growth and innovation, shaping a bright and innovative future for corporate learning in Angola. Join us in this transformative journey.



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