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With the support of the Saudi Esports Federation and the energy, leadership, and commitment demonstrated by companies, the future of esports in Saudi is extremely bright in the long term.

Jerry Gamez


Savvy Games Group’s mission is to accelerate the games industry in different ways. There are five operating companies under Savvy, and I oversee the infrastructure company. Its focus is on developing touch points that bring to life gaming and esports within and outside the Kingdom. At VOV, our mission focuses on three key pillars. The first is gameplay, and the second is the academy, which focuses on upscaling and driving skill development within Saudi Arabia and other markets. Our third key pillar is pathways, which centers around individuals looking to become professionals, and we provide the pathway to help them achieve that. We do this to enhance the local market with outside-the-box thinking. We need to reconceptualize the gaming experience by creating a place away from home similar to what retailers have done in different parts of the world. In our case, we are building a place where people feel comfortable learning, competing, and socializing. That is what VOV is about. Our well-being programs are set up to address viable pathways for our community.

Thamer Alharbi

Founder, Redemption Esports

Redemption is one of the first esports teams founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the Saudi Esports Federation has grown a great deal and has empowered both owners and players. Additionally, the Saudi eLeague was launched in 2020, providing us with a fixed calendar in which to compete in. Redemption has benefited significantly from the digital transformation in the Kingdom and was able to grow considerably in both Saudi and the GCC. We have signed official contracts with players, influencers, and managers. In recent years, the sector has defined its vision and developed into a structured business. It is a real advantage to have such a young and talented Saudi population. We have a prosperous and bright esports future as most operations in the sector are managed by young people. Overall, business is growing fast every single day, and the government give us all the support we need to reach the top. A study affirms that in eight years’ time, Saudi Arabia will be one of the top—if not the leading—esports countries in the world.

Mohammad Al Humood

CEO, Phoenix

We noticed a need to facilitate proper collaboration between the many industries in this field, and, as with any young industry, there are many start-ups and SMEs that might not have the experience needed to succeed—that is where we come in. We have the passion and experience to make it work, both on the technical and creative sides. E-sports are not just competitions; they are also supposed to be entertaining for viewers. We like to have fun with what we do, and we want audiences, and everyone involved to have fun too. Mainly, we want to facilitate both the growth of the industry as a whole in Saudi Arabia and our own by innovating, inspiring the next generation of players, and supporting roles such as coaches, managers, and even production staff. Talent localization is one of our key goals. After that, we want to work more on our public image and brand recognition. Our objectives are simple: We want to grow and expand while innovating and exceeding the high standard that we have set for ourselves.

Faisal Aljarbou

CEO, The Ultimates Esports

The Ultimates is a Saudi esports and entertainment brand that was established with the mission to strive and inspire all competitive gamers to be an active part of the esports ecosystem and create top-quality content. We give our talents the tools and the environment to thrive. We compete in most of the local events and have reached international ones, successfully securing more than 80 championships. Our team experts are always on the lookout for competitions taking place in the region and scouting talented players that have the potential to reach the global level but lack the necessary tools to suceed. Our strategy focuses on creating the ideal environment to empower young talent to thrive and succeed, nurturing them and managing their careers to reach their full potential through our established gaming facility. We believe we are heading in the right direction. There is much to do, from expanding to more game titles and nurturing more players and content creators to improving our gaming facilities and enhancing our reach to cement our presence in the industry.



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