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With digital transformation and the digital economic diversification set by Vision 2030, the IT market in Saudi Arabia has become the largest in the entire MENA region.

Mohammad Abulhouf

Senior Director, Nutanix Global Offices

Nutanix was launched in 2009, when data center operations were extremely complex, with servers, storage, SAN connectivity, archiving, backup, and everything else in different places that did not communicate with each other. Nutanix came up with the idea to unify all this and operate an entire data center as one unified platform. We empower service providers to deliver their own services, which are B2B, as well build environments for customers to serve their employees and the population. Nutanix shows them the roadmap and goes from building the private clouds and taking it all the way to the public cloud. We call it “Airbnb-ing” the data center. Nutanix has been in Saudi for the past seven years, starting out with just four or five people in the country. When I joined Nutanix, it was small operation, with a small number of customers, though the interesting thing was that these 30 customers were extremely loyal to Nutanix. I felt this was an area that we should capitalize on, and we started from there. We have two types of customers: local business partners and customers. We consider our customers our partners as well.

Riyad Alasheikh

Country Director – Saudi Arabia, Intalio

Intalio is capable of achieving a lot in both the private and public sectors in KSA in terms of digital transformation. Our goal is to contribute to the fulfillment of Vision 2030 and achieve a full digital sector and operations. Our various scope of products and professional services caters to our clients’ specific needs and requirements. The Saudi market is developing, which brings competition to the market. Everyone wants to provide services and products, but not all companies have enough experience with the public sector to understand the needs and challenges. We have been in the market for 30 years, with extensive knowledge of the public sector. We were able to achieve successful projects in the Saudi public sector in the past when the infrastructure was not as developed as it is today. This shows Intalio is capable of overcoming challenges and providing the best solutions the government needs. We are fully committed to serving and supporting our clients, and this makes us different. To serve these industries and provide them with the newest technologies, we are continuously expanding our products and services to adapt to the needs of the market and new industries and sectors.

Bilal Mawzi

Country Director – Saudi Arabia, CommScope

We have been operating in Saudi Arabia since the late 1990s and have established a strong presence in the market. CommScope’s priority is to help our customers with their network deployments. Our long-term presence has given us the ability to present our solutions to most key industries. Over the past few years, we have achieved widespread brand recognition as well as developed strategic partnerships with major players across key verticals such as telecommunications, utilities, government, banking, and education. CommScope works with some of the leading mobile network operators around the world including Vodafone, GCI, Orange, OpenReach, Altice, JCOM, and Converge ICT. CommScope launched Propel, a high-speed fiber platform designed to help data center managers respond to the exponential increase in demand for computing power. Vision 2030 is instrumental in promoting digital transformation and thus data center growth in the Kingdom, helping it become an attractive market for international data centers, multi-tenant data centers, and hyper-scale data center providers. Our relationship with strategic partners has enabled us to help enterprise and data center operators to cope with the bandwidth demands placed on data centers.

Moussalam Dalati

General Manager, Middle East,, Liferay

We are a privately owned digital experience solutions provider that accelerates digital engagement and experiences for business and end users. We have been in business for almost two decades, growing organically, even during the pandemic and presently too we are on track to close the year with our anticipated growth projections. In fact, we have a strong track record of YoY growth for the last six years of operations in the region. Not only were we at the right place at the right moment, but we were also ready and equipped to face the change. Moreover, industries from healthcare to education and finance and manufacturing, quarantine and work from home, all forced companies to use technology to reimagine nearly every facet of their operations. Therefore, with a strong digital experience platform, we have seen increased appetite for the product suite we offer in the Middle East alone. Our product suite is not industry-specific: it can be used for businesses to convert businesses to a customer experience orientation. Having said, there is always more appetite for certain technologies in sectors such as insurance, banking and finance, the public sector and other big organizations and enterprises who favor our solutions.

Mohamed Arafa

Country Manager, Micro Focus

We have a long history with cybersecurity as we are an information security market leader with extensive experience in other identity and access management (IAAM), code review solutions, and data encryptions. Our experience adds value to our customers and provide higher security levels to their data. Our system is already implemented in large local institutions, from public sector to large enterprises. Our focus is to grow the team and inject investments in the country to ensure we participate in that growing economy. We want to be able to add value to our customers as we invest in the market. For Saudi Arabia, we focus on value creation for our existing and future customers. We want to ensure we implement the right solutions to solve existing challenges. First, we need to work with a few strategic customers in Saudi Arabia. Second, we want to make sure we attract the local top talent in the market. In addition, we have an ambitious growth program; by the end of 2023, we want to reach 60-70%. We were successful at LEAP in 2022, and we are eager to invest more in the country.



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