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Taking advantage of the boom in e-commerce and logistics, these companies are making aggressive plans for regional expansion and increasing their capabilities to serve other verticals as well.

Ghassab Salman Ghassab bin Mandeel

CEO & Co-Founder, Jahez

The company was established in 2016 because we saw many gaps in the market. We started to fill in all the gaps for on-demand services in Saudi Arabia, leveraging our technological know-how and in-house capabilities. First, we offered our model to connect customer merchants and drivers under one platform in Saudi Arabia. Jahez offers the fastest and easiest way to order; everything is transparent. There was an increase in demand for food delivery, and after the pandemic, we still see the same momentum and scale of people and technology. We are continuing to benefit from positive market dynamics right now. When we started, we looked at the experience from customers’ and restaurants’ perspectives, because of which we have earned the trust of many customers and have experienced substantial growth. In the first two years especially, our growth was mainly through word of mouth. Our dedication to understanding our stakeholder’s needs remains, and as a result of this and other factors we have gained significant market share during this journey. Jahez’s rapid growth was driven by dedication to customer service and innovation, and our platform was developed while ensuring a simple and intuitive user experience.

Assad Numan

CEO, Hungerstation

Most of our customers are young people. Thus, we take special care of them by providing products and services that meet their needs such as Fazaa and Quick Market. These young people have their daily habits that differ from the rest of the society segments; they stay in their workplaces for long periods, preferring to hang out in groups in resort areas, chalets, homes, or at sporting events such as football matches, all of which require facilitating their access to their favorite foods. This is where the role of Hungerstation comes in achieving this in the fastest and easiest way. As a leading national company, we understand the needs of our local community and know what motivates and what satisfies it, so we are keen to maintain communication with customers and ensure a constant presence in their minds by providing new offers throughout the year and actively participating in social responsibility and sponsoring national events and initiatives.

Ahmed Alzaini

CEO & Co-Founder, Foodics

Foodics processes over SAR2 billion monthly. That makes us a major player in the market, which is why the central bank considered us for a fintech license. We bring new technology and experience to the market. We also announced our new F&B product suite during an event at the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) AMC Cinema in Riyadh. We unveiled our latest innovative product suite and how these will impact the future of the F&B industry, empowering F&B business owners with autonomous growth through self-ordering and payments solutions, enabling them to run their operations more seamlessly and efficiently, thereby fast-tracking their own business growth in the process. We play a highly strategic role in the payments and fintech ecosystem. We have a clear expansion plan in place for the region. Having raised USD170 million in the largest SaaS Series C round in MENA region and onboarded global investors who have been investing in the sector for the past 10-20 years, we can leapfrog both innovations and connections around the world. Hence, we are now accelerating our growth geographically and our ability to approach global top-notch talent regionally to support our development and innovation.

Eqbal Qur’an

Chief Technology Officer, Mrsool

Mrsool is one of the largest delivery platforms in the region. Recently, we have focused on scaling our solutions and building the team, and structuring it in a way to assure productivity and agility so we can experiment with new ideas. We want to allow customers to create new services—Mrsool is currently very broad; it is not merely limited to food delivery. We want to provide customers access to clients, delivery, promotions, marketing agencies, and everything they need to grow their businesses. We want to enable small businesses to use our platform and provide an ecosystem and APIs for businesses to benefit from our platform, such as access to clients, delivery, promotions, marketing agencies, and everything they need to grow their businesses. It is more convenient to go through one application and to find everything listed there, with the right payment methods and everything: that is what we are looking for. We have always wanted to have a platform to provide a personalized experience between the courier and the end user, and we will continue to work to improve the ease of use. The goal is to make Mrsool as intuitive as possible.

Mohammed Aldossary

CEO, Sary

The idea for the company came about at the end of 2017. In Canada, I had established a start-up, an on-demand grocery with a focus on ethnic groceries. In Saudi, there are huge barriers of entry for small stores or manufacturers, and we felt Sary could help in liberating that. We looked at how can we work on that wholesale fragmentation and make it easy for anyone to shop, whether they have a store or a family. We launched Sary for anyone who wants to buy groceries, regardless of if they are a home or a business. We can make wholesale accessible by synchronizing the market. All they have to do is order online, and we do the buying and delivery. We are now in Egypt, and we have done an M&A activity in Pakistan. We are now connecting the three largest retail markets in MENA. We have been crafting the Sary brand, and our focus is to continue building that platform. We do not want to be described as a mobile app; we want to go beyond that as a platform, and we are building further capabilities. Our value proposition is not just a place in the advance sale or the intermediary but also about enabling companies to grow intelligently and dream of expanding to other places.



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