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Erick Baduy

CEO & Founding Partner, Edarat Group

Abdullah Ghazi Al Ghamdi

CEO, Al Moammar Information Systems Co. (MIS)

Given the boom in new software and technologies in Saudi Arabia in just a few years, the Kingdom is expected to see greater innovation and solutions from companies keen to help with the realization of Vision 2030.
How is the company supporting the digital transformation in the Kingdom?

ABDULLAH GHAZI AL GHAMDI MIS has been operating in the market for over 40 years. Three years back, we listed on the stock market. The company kept evolving; with the years of experience we have, given we are focused solely on the digital industry, we believe we are at the forefront in this area. The company is fully aligned with the digital vision of Saudi Arabia. The Line and NEOM projects are perfect examples of this. Another effort we recently embarked upon is bringing cloud services to the Kingdom. We have baseboard management controller (BMC) technology, which we call Saudi BMC Helix. Through this, we have introduced BMC services to the Kingdom, on our cloud, providing services to our customers. We also brought Cloudera to the Kingdom, creating alliances and partnerships not only with the key business players, but also with the local authorities and institutions. MIS is able to help to expedite many of the Kingdom’s new digital implementations.

ERICK BADUY Being the leaders in this sector, particularly with data centers and cloud services, we are constantly driving new ideas to the market and creating innovative solutions to aid the transformation and modernize the country’s digital infrastructure. In line with Vision 2030 and the MCIT initiative to increase data center capacity in Saudi Arabia, we are supporting local and international clients in developing Hyperscale Data Center programs across multiple cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are currently managing multiple Data Center programs with a total capacity exceeding 240MW of IT load. But our notable achievement would be Edarat Cloud the first Hybrid Cloud to be launched in KSA back in 2017. This is where Edarat plays an important role by having its cloud locally deployed to cater to Data Sovereignty and assisting organizations seamlessly transforming their workloads to our sovereign cloud and driving independent software vendors (ISVs) to relocate their platforms and software service to in-Kingdom boundaries.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic as the Kingdom pursues digitalization. Are you are positioned to increase the level of security in the nation?

AGAG We have actually established a division dedicated to cybersecurity and are providing a security operational center (SOC) as a customer service. A good number of customers are using these services already. And no doubt, cybersecurity is a major concern shared by most people, and notably government agencies and the private sector. There is always a need for someone to provide support, perform a security assessment, and help improve security infrastructure, and the application of security.

Environmental sustainability is an important pillar of Vision 2030. In what way is Edarat contributing to this segment?

EB Most of our services contribute directly or indirectly to enhancing environmental sustainability. Our innovative data center designs are mainly focusing on enhancing carbon usage effectiveness and water usage effectiveness limiting water usage in most of the data center projects we are delivering. Both carbon emissions and water usage are emerging as extremely important considerations in the design, location, and operation of data centers. As for the power usage effectiveness (PUE), we were able to achieve low PUEs within harsh and challenging weather conditions. While the global average of PUE in 2022 is approximately 1.55, we were able to ring up 1.35 PUE efficiency in Saudi Arabia

How do you plan to expand your market share?

AGAG MIS has two main companies: Excellent Medical Services (EMS), which deals with medical technology solutions; and MIS Forward, which helps innovative entrepreneurs to build a financial model, market strategy, and business model, while also testing their efficacy. The company provides operational support and capital to entrepreneurs and helps them build market-leading companies. Based on MIS’ experience that extends over decades, our goal is to be the leading company in building distinguished projects and enabling innovators and entrepreneurs to transform innovative ideas into successful start-ups with winning investments.

Where do you see opportunities for the company in the coming years?

EB We observe many opportunities with smart city projects in the Kingdom, which will require modern ICT infrastructure and data center services to manage and operate them. On the cloud, we are focused on working with the healthcare, education, and banking sectors, and we have noticed countless fintech applications and innovations during last year, intending to create virtual and innovative banking solutions. Our growth strategy will focus on increasing our cloud revenues and growing our market share, fostering a solid relationship with our partners, and creating innovative solutions, additional capacities, and additional regions.



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