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Saúl Ruiz Managing Director, Asesores Senior

MEXICO - Finance

Saúl Ruiz

Managing Director, Asesores Senior


Saúl Ruiz is an industrial engineer with a specialty in business administration. He is an insurance broker and transforms corporate leaders into successful entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to increasing financial education in society.

"Magic happens when we develop associates and give them trust."
With its growing success in increasing insurance coverage slowly but surely in Mexico, Asesores Senior is now working on increasing its team size to cover the entire country.
How do you empower your team to pursue and achieve continuous annual growth?

Magic happens when we develop associates and give them trust. The associates are empowered to treat our firm as their business through our culture and philosophy. If one grows, we all do. There are three vital points to consider. First, they achieve without excuses. Second, we have a shark mentality, wherein if we stop swimming, we die. We are looking at how to grow and invest in these businesses. Sometimes we wonder how best to approach high-profile entrepreneurs. The third point is “just do it.” In 2022, we registered around a 56% increase in sales. We brought on 33 additional people into the company, and in 2023 we plan to hire a further 50. For 2022, we ranked third out of 200 MetLife commercial associates in terms of the added value we offer as brokers. Many factors qualify us, and we successfully retain talent, portfolios, and clients. In short, our associates will remain loyal to us if we teach them how to grow.

Why is Asesores Senior investing heavily in increasing its team size?

For two reasons. First, because we have grown our business by inviting more associates. Second, I dream of a perfect country of widespread insurance coverage. Social conditions would improve, as would school attendance rates. Fewer families would suffer health-related catastrophe and need to sacrifice their homes. Moreover, insurance coverage would improve personal safety substantially.

How can you combat the lack of importance given to insurance in Mexico?

We face the challenge of proving to Mexicans the value of investing in insurance and are also working to promote a culture of prevention. This can be challenging as even after a particularly challenging event people often forget how tough it was for them over time. A good insurance agent has to be committed to changing public misconceptions such as insurance firms not paying out.

What is the main added value of your Key Person program?

As the name says, it’s all about the Key Person and asking the question as to what the company’s future would be if they became incapacitated or even died? How many national and international companies have collapsed because such a key person passed away? What is the credibility of creditors, suppliers, clients, and collaborators if this key person is no longer there? The impact is profound. If the company thrives, how much does it cost in time and money to maintain? Independently of other people in the company capable of keeping it alive, this person is key to its survival. Who will take the lead and keep core ideas and vision alive? This is what we want to encourage companies to consider. This product that can ensure continuity is insurance to mitigate the negative impact of the company leader’s demise. Capital insurance helps mitigate this risk, allowing a firm to reconfigure itself for continuity and consider the risks of incapacity that it could face.

Some people are optimistic, while others are more prudent, but how do you foresee 2023 panning out?

We foresee improved growth of at least 57%. We are distinguished by our qualified nature. We are an insurance broker that not only sells a product, but offers every service developed with our clients. We support them fiscally and in other ways. There are many excellent national brokers, but what differentiates us is our work ethic and accompanying service. Today we have over 4,500 clients and are keen to assist even more families and support our company by having people change their lifestyles. We want to invite many entrepreneurs to listen to what we could do for them. Our profile is people keen to change their lifestyle for growth.



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