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Saúl Ruiz

MEXICO - Finance

Saúl Ruiz

Managing Director, Asesores Senior


Saúl Ruiz was born in Mexico and is an industrial engineer with a specialty in business administration. He is a prestigious insurance broker and transforms corporate leaders into successful entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to increasing financial education in society.

Asesores Senior is focused on making its clients' life easier and providing them with the information they need by investing in a platform for better client interaction and improved data security.

What are your expansion plans for the next few years?

The goal is to span the entire republic; at the moment we are present in 10 cities. The pandemic has helped us to react effectively to reach more people in different parts of the country. The reality is that our growth is organic, and in 2021 we have grown 88% since end-September 2020. We are consolidating the company and have increased our workforce by 70%.

What changes have you implemented to your processes regarding the digitalization of the insurance industry?

The insurers’ job is to make the clients’ life easier so that they do not have to be filling out paperwork, but rather, doing everything digitally. When we invest in a platform for better client interaction and improved data security, we are also acting with environmental responsibility in the shift away from paper.

Can tell us about your goals for next year?

The goal for 2022 is to register two-fold growth in hiring and premium generation. Currently, we have 80 business partners and senior advisers, but we intend to raise that number to 150.

How can you work to change the mindset towards insurance?

Insurance is a particularly important subject throughout life from the birth of a child, through education and work and on into old age. It can protect a household that is experiencing financial difficulty and provide peace of mind.

What are the main challenges you face in the Mexican insurance market as a broker?

The main challenge is breaking the belief that an insurance broker will not do good or won’t make money. We have the chance to change the mind set of what an insurance broker represents and the importance that it has in society. Someone who has this job is stereotyped as someone that does not have another job or someone that did not go to college or finished a career. And as a second point is that once you become a broker agent you have to change your mind state. There are millions of people that are waiting for someone to explain to them about the risks that we all have everyday. And we can all help families and businesses prevent going bankrupt in the case of an emergency by explaining the importance of owning an insurance.



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