The Business Year

Given the unique dynamics of Colombia, its security risks are varied and challenging.

Mauricio Gutiérrez Archila

General Manager, G4S

Operating in a country that has formed an agreement with FARC and taking into account the different opportunities has resulted in various challenges and security risks. There are criminal gangs in the process of growth and reorganization, and there has been a higher rate of assaults in the residential sector, while in the industrial sector there is also a higher rate of threats and losses. Another complex issue concerns the transportation of valuable cargo, as there has been an increase in the number of assaults that have generated alarm indicators for the industry over the past two years. We have faced three fundamental ideas for a long time. One is to understand that our mission is to be consultants, understand the problems of our clients, and jointly develop strategies and mechanisms. The second is to increasingly migrate to elements of technology in terms of hardware and understand how to transform the information we manage into predictive models. This more advanced analytics and business info enables us to go one step further; technology applied to the problems of customers. The third element in which we work extensively is training, developing new skills, and strengthening the capabilities of all our staff to offer clients greater consulting capacity and state-of-the-art technology.

Alejandro Arcila

General Manager, Metroalarmas

In 2018, we consolidated the company’s five-year national expansion. Today, we have relevant operations in the main cities of Medellí­n, Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and Pereira. We also consolidated our position as the number-one company in alarm monitoring in the Valley and Antioquia. This has allowed us to generate a relevant positioning of the brand in the country. Additionally, our revenues have grown in addition to investments we made in technological upgrades that have allowed us to generate innovations along with similar business models in the world. Six years ago, we started to work on innovation. We developed a mobile app called Metroalarmas, and today it has different functions. In the beginning, we only notified our clients when they opened and closed their businesses, and it generated specific warning signals. Now, the client can activate and deactivate their alarm anywhere in the world with just a mobile data connection or internet. Another service that we generated was the control of schedules. The client can generate time parameters where the system opens or closes. Precisely 75% of our customer portfolio are micro, small, and medium enterprises. In Colombia, such companies also require other alternatives. We know the insecurity that Colombia is experiencing and how quickly crime can evolve.

Hugo Abondano

President, Hugo Abondano

Seracis was born in infrastructure; its first contract was to develop the safety and protection of the Misael Pastrana tunnel on the Bogotá-Villavicencio highway. Thanks to this, we have broad national coverage in almost the entire territory. Our philosophy is to understand the client, their needs, their product, and the solutions needed for that to come forward. 2018 was a great year for Seracis. We had a growth of almost 24% in sales and 2% growth in EBITDA from 2017. We have a successful presence in shopping centers with large public areas. We know hospital safety and school safety. We also manage 100 schools throughout the country and do drug, liquor, and weapon controls in the peripheries. We work airport security as well. We have accompanied Condor for seven years in the expansion of the Dorado airport. We manage the security of the government of Antioquia, the mayor of Medellí­n, the Secretary of Mobility of Medellí­n, the Fabrica de Licores de Antioquia, ISVIMED of Medellin, the Secretary of Finance in Bogotá, the Secretary of Education in Cali, and the Office of the Prosecutor. Seracis always brings in the best specialists in each area to better understand the risks and how we should face them.



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