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With private security corresponding to at least 1% of Colombian GDP and growing continuously, the sector is a source of significant employment.

Guillermo Dulcey

Regional Manager, Fortox

What makes us stand apart from the competition is our devotion and commitment to service. First, we are a company of people serving people. Therefore, we primarily focus on many activities to ensure that those relationships with our different stakeholders are solid. For instance, we strive to have good communication and understanding our clients’ needs is valuable to us. We want to be able to see their forecasts, projections and expectations of their market, so we can contribute from our end. A second important aspect of our differentiation is the way quality concepts are embedded in our company culture. We were the first company in Latin America have the ISO 9001 Quality Certification for guarding services. Since our certification in 2000, it was of outmost importance that we designed our administration model having always in mind the quality of our services and its improvements. Since then, we have certified different aspects of our business, which has allowed as to have a reliable managing system with its respective KPIs to follow up.

Mauricio Gutiérrez

Country Manager,, G4S

G4S is not merely the biggest security company in the world, though it works to stay at the top. It is important to have values that encompass everyone, from the CEO to the everyday employees. It is necessary to have a statement that includes corporate values such as making things right, doing business correctly, and even the sustainability of the clients and the company. G4S was acquired by an American company called Allied Universal, which means G4S is no longer a British, publicly owned company. Allied Universal made a great effort to expand and helped G4S to grow and consolidate its position in the market. Furthermore, we do not want to stop developing everyday services, such as alarm monitoring. We plan to continue offering this service and improving it to meet changing standards. We are leaders in the market thanks to our knowledge, training, and professionalism in sector. There are chances to grow, even though we are facing global competition, especially in Colombia.

Luí­s Fernando Garcí­a

General Manager, Luí­s Fernando Garcí­a

Grupo Atlas has 13,600 employees, making us the largest employer in private security. We believe the security personnel to be the real hero, the real company manager, a person that performing a vital role. We have an employees’ fund and benefit fund, and offer indefinite term contracts, family welfare policies (celebrating Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, Father’s Day). Of our almost 14,000 employees, at least 2,600 are women, which is an aspect I would like to highlight. Women are in fact better are security jobs than men, because they tend be more aware and notice more things that might not be immediately apparent. Women at Atlas occupy both management and operational positions. Additionally, we help our employees with housing plans through Family Welfare Funds, so that everyone who works with us can have a house. We also have a Career Plan, through which employees who enter the company as guards can work their way up to higher positions.

Luí­s Fernando Carvajal

General Director Security, Prosegur Colombia

Prosegur has a differentiating factor and an important asset: our presence in 26 countries. Currently, the knowledge and expertise we gain globally, we apply locally in Colombia along with a deeper knowledge of regional realities. To us, regional expertise is of extreme importance. That means acknowledging our customers, our business, and our reality that, one way or another, is extremely individual: what afflicts one sector most likely is not the same thing that afflicts another. Blending that local experience with better practices and acknowledged situations that occur in other countries of the region and of the world makes us unique. We are working on the complete integration between physical security and technology. Our model allows us to not only reach our clients and satisfy their needs in everything related to physical security but also offer them a solid number of alternatives in electronic security.



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