The Business Year

Given that most mining companies Colombia are still behind in mining technologies, knowledgeable service providers act as strategic allies that can help them improve the efficiency of their operations while controlling costs.

Laura Torres

MD, Normet Colombia

Our target market is underground construction in mining and tunneling. Normet is a Finnish company with more than 60 years in the business, operating on over 50 locations in around 30 countries worldwide. Considered a pioneer, Normet expertise is based on providing support to our customers improving underground and tunneling processes with knowledge, innovation, and technology translating in productivity, efficiency, and profitability for our client’s business. We work hand in hand with our client from the beginning of the project till it ends enriching processes with this continuous feedback. Our main objective is to use our technology, innovation, experience and knowledge to enhance mining and tunneling practices. Normet celebrates 60 years in 2022, and we have been in Colombia for nine years. However, growing our market is a step-by-step process. We want to show Colombia that we can assist with excellency in mining and tunneling processes with knowledge, innovative technology, and solid support. Through our work, we are committed to delivering maximum value with a positive impact in the environment, people and customers also on generating a more sustainable future.

José Carlos Restrepo

General Manager, Core Tech Colombia

Core Tech has been over 25 years working as a strategic partner for the mining industry, delivering high value cost efficient solutions in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and exporting to other countries in the region. We strive to add value to our customers, by helping them control the operation costs per meter in exploration and production drilling operations and their mining process, our field support team works hand in hand with our clients field personnel to ensure products are used in the safest way possible, controlling drilling and mining costs and ensuring them and the community that products used are environmentally responsible. We are constantly monitoring new innovations and strive to come up with some of our own innovative solutions to bring to the market the latest available technologies available in the markets we work for. We are always looking for new solutions that help the industry reduce the cost per meter and increase their productivity in the safest, most environmentally responsible way possible. Efficiency gains are obtained when a good product is paired with a highly trained operations personnel and overall good practices in operations.

Jhon Puerta

General Manager, Jhon Puerta

What makes us stand out is that we have smaller equipment, but that can handle higher capacity. In other words, we have machines that can drill up to 2,000 meters that can easily be transported. We don’t need a railroad to transport the machinery as it can be broken into modules and can be transported easily. We use three small motors instead of one large one and the machine is portable enough that it can be disassembled completely. And if the customer needs the transport to be done quicker, we would use a helicopter. Our advantage there is that we can use a smaller sized one for transporting the machine. Kluane, through innovation, offers more opportunities with efficiency and versatility. At the same time, we are more environmentally friendly. Most of our customers have deposits in the mountains. Locations that are more complicated to reach with heavier machinery. That is why Kluane specializes more in metallic mining, because in Colombia and Ecuador most of those minerals are deposited in higher topographical regions. Places where it is hard to lay a railroad and where there are many obstacles.



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