The Business Year

Julián Pertuz Barrera

General Manager, High Quality Engineering (HQE)

For 18 years, HQE has provided comprehensive goods and services. It has grown into a sustainable company in the sector, consolidating its operations nationwide. HQE develops its activities not only for upstream, but also downstream, including surface facilities, in the design, supply, installation, marketing, distribution, operation, maintenance, and management of lifting systems, transport, fluid transfer, and pipe inspection. HQE develops and installs systems for the artificial lifting of crude oil or fluid from the bottom of the well in different fields to the surface through the use of progressive cavity pumping systems. From here, it is transferred by pumping transfer or positive displacement to production, compression, or pumping stations to carry the crude oil to pipelines, refineries, or ports. We offer maintenance and monitoring of the equipment installed in the field in order to analyze the production data of the wells to the different artificial lift systems through production optimization methods.

Umberto Marseglia

Chief Marketing Officer, Vericor Power Systems

More than looking for companies to expand our portfolio, we look for opportunities where we can create value. Each challenge can be transformed into an opportunity, and some of those opportunities have a great match with what we can offer as a solution with our extremely compact, robust, flexible and reliable gas turbines. For example, when logistics represents a heavy cost and a big challenge, having a compact power generation that can utilize multiple fuels is extremely advantageous for the final user. The final user in this case could be a community, a pool of companies or industries, institutions or others, so the possible user portfolio is wide. When we enter a new territory, area, or region, we are looking in a humble way to first understand the value chain where we could really increase this value and secondly to find the right partners willing to take on these challenges with us and convert them into great opportunities, not only business-wise but for the benefit of the local population and environment.

André Conceição

Regional Manager, André Conceição

Colombia does not have much experience in offshore activities. The two wells developed in 2017 were done by international companies. The big issue in Colombia is getting the licenses to operate offshore. This is a new business for the country, and Ecopetrol is looking for partnerships with companies experienced in this. Expro’s portfolio is mostly in offshore. We have many partnerships for offshore operations around the region. We came to Colombia to look for offshore projects. Colombia imports gas from Venezuela. Most of the wells offshore are gas wells. Colombia needs to improve its reserves because in the next five years there will be a big problem if we cannot meet demand. In the last three years, production has slowed, the government is trying to increase its service. Expro has extensive experience with production, so this is our main business today. Of our exploration wells today, we have perforating, SWT, WL, DST production, and PVT fluids analysis.

Riccardo Nicoletti

General Manager, Tipiel

For an oil company, exploration is absolutely essential. The right strategy continues to be having an integrated company working in exploration, production, transportation, and refining. However, Colombia is not a huge country, and its market is not large enough to have numerous players in refining or transportation, so there is an near-monopoly in these areas. While monopolies are never beneficial for markets, if there is one, it should at least be a public rather than a private monopoly. Ecopetrol should retain all its investments in refining, transportation, and production. In production, it is easier to involve other companies as players, though in transportation and refining, a private monopoly must be avoided. Another issue is understanding the real needs and reality of the communities affected. The community must be respected, though it also has to respect the need to develop the country. This is a dilemma that occurs all over the world.



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