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Providing a comprehensive range of services in oil and gas, these companies have not only brought cutting-edge technologies to the country, but also promoted local manufacturing.

Atif Arikat

Managing Director & CEO, Al Ghaith Energy

Al Ghaith Energy has been operating in the oil and gas industry for around 25 years, having grown from a small company to one of the largest national oil companies in the UAE that provides multi-billion-dollar services. At the moment, we have three major tenders, one is services, and the other two are supplying wellheads and Christmas trees—equipment that controls the flow produced by a well—with a value of around USD2 billion in total over 10 years. We only exclusively with ADNOC, and have branches in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Sudan, although our main core business is in Abu Dhabi. Today, we have two main activities, namely sales and trading. We represent about 90 well known reputable manufacturers worldwide, including Tenares, Mekeruse, and Tesco, among many others. We provide drilling services to drilling rigs, and have nine services for which we completely own the equipment and personnel, as well as partnerships with other service providers that work under our umbrella. As we are in the oil and gas business, we are keen to identify technology that saves time and reduces dependence on manpower of rat capacity to assist in growth and improve safety. Less manpower on the lake means less hazardous scenarios.

Sergio Hicke

Cluster President India, Middle East & Africa, Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has about 140 years of history. It is a Swedish company listed on the stock exchange in Stockholm and is organized into three main business divisions: food and water, marine, and energy. Food and water is related to the treatment of wastewater and food processing, the second division is focused on the marine sector, particularly diesel engines, and the third division is energy. The company has three key technologies: heat transfer, separation, and fluid handling. We produce these three technologies across over 40 production units around the world. We produce each of the technologies in different types of equipment that we customize for companies’ verticals. All our technologies can be customized for different applications. In the first 10 years, we had a period where we were acquiring companies at a rate of around four a year, and in 10 years, we bought about 44 companies. That created an enormous portfolio of technologies and solutions in these three technologies. We not only need clean energy in the energy sector but also in the food sector as well. We have a sustainability strategy that every single employee of Alfa Laval is contributing to. We have declared our intentions to become net zero by 2030, and that has many internal actions in circularity.

Moustafa Rashad

CEO, Al Fanar Gas Group

Al Fanar is the largest LPG liquified petroleum and gas distributor of ADNOC local production in Abu Dhabi. We distribute over 60% of the total ADNOC production LPG. In addition, we have achieved the largest market share in Abu Dhabi, above 85-90% of the LPG, natural gas, and SNG market sector. We are the only company in our business sector got the award of ADNOC EPC tender project and sign a long-term agreement while having the highest ICV amongst all competitors within the region. Our forte is that we are a one-stop shop, with engineering, construction, operation and maintenance, gas supply, and trading. Everything is done in-house. We are always looking for means to enhance the capabilities of our staff by investing in training; this is invaluable. Technology and IUT have played a pivotal role in the company’s transformation, especially during COVID-19. In addition to having our headquarters in Abu Dhabi, we have branches in Dubai, Fujairah, Egypt, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman, with expansion plans in Saudi Arabi and Oman. Our goal is for Al Fanar to have footprints in significant locations. Most of the top-of-mind iconic projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai were executed by Al Fanar in terms of the natural gas system and LPG system, both the infrastructure and underground network.

Adel Baobaid

President, AlMansoori Petroleum Industries (AMPI)

AMPI was established in 2008 in Abu Dhabi as a subsidiary of AlMansoori Specialized Engineering. The purpose was to establish manufacturing companies locally and to form joint ventures with international companies to bring new technology and know-how to the country. This aligns with the UAE Vision 2030 to encourage local manufacturing and to support our oil and gas industry with the latest technologies and products. AMPI fully owns three different manufacturing companies which are all located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD1). The first company is Global Chemical Company (GCC), established in 2006, which manufactures specialty oilfield chemicals such as drilling and completion fluid additives, and acid stimulation chemicals. GCC falls in the Priority Sector of the UAE Government Industries list. The second company is Specialized Oilfield Products (SOP), established in 2004, which manufactures wireline and well service equipment. The third company is Micoda Process Systems International, established in 2006, which is involved in the design and engineering, procurement, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of process equipment and process packages. Most of these products used to be imported from other countries. AMPI supports the oil and gas sector by manufacturing these types of equipment locally and at a very competitive price while meeting customers’ expectations in terms of quality, specifications, and delivery.

Jon Rawding

CEO, Euro Mechanical

Euro Mechanical’s focus is on the energy sector through two main areas. First, we contribute through our partners, providing the conduit to bring cutting- edge technologies unavailable in the UAE. The partners develop concepts and ideas externally in their own countries, and we get them here; we have the vision to design and manufacture the technologies in the UAE and encourage every partner to do so. Most of our work is connected with supporting ADNOC, so we specialize in the energy sector. We have some of the leading technologies in the upstream arena. We build relationships with our partners, and through bespoke agreements, we can provide anything from being the local pathfinder to full representation. Still, our end game is always to encourage companies to manufacture in the UAE wherever possible. For example, one of our partners is ready to open its local manufacturing facility after gaining traction in the region. Our second business area is what we do in the country under our projects umbrella. Euro Mechanical provides construction and Manpower services to the energy sector. We have the biggest bolting and machining fleet in the UAE. We have a fabrication facility in ICAD of more than 23,000 sqm. We continue to grow with Abu Dhabi, doubling in size in the last five years.



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