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Milenne Martin

PANAMA - Telecoms & IT

Serving a Greater Purpose

Country Manager Panama, Microsoft


Milenne Martin is the Country Manager of Microsoft Panama. She is also in charge of product strategies, sales, and digital transformation for the corporate segment in Central America. Martin has been worked for Microsoft for 21 years, performing in various local and regional positions. Prior to her current position she was a Regional Director for Central America, the Caribbean, and several Latin American countries. She has a degree in industrial engineering from Santa Marí­a La Antigua University, and a postgraduate degree in business administration and an MBA in finance from Universidad Latina.

Microsoft's strategy to continue reinforcing its commitment to Panama's development is intertwined with the company's global mission to ensure technology drives equal opportunities for all.

What are the main highlights of Microsoft’s Panama and Latam operations?

2019 is Microsoft’s 24th year in Panama and its commitment to the country is stronger than ever. Over the years, we have supported local entrepreneurs, developers, students, and technology companies that have become part of our ecosystem of business partners. Now, in the midst of a period where digital transformation and AI are promising to transform every sector of the economy, our mission is to work closely with different stakeholders to harness the potential on offer and create intelligent business solutions to leverage the country’s development.

How is Microsoft aligning its operations with new trends such as cybersecurity, cloud, and cyber resilience?

Over the last decade, our operations have centered around generating growth and advancing our client’s migration toward the cloud and AI, and unleashing enormous potential across all industries, like finance, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and healthcare. This has been possible because our clients trust us; they know security is not something we take lightly. We invest over USD1 billion every year on developing cybersecurity infrastructure and have deployed a global security and cybersecurity infrastructure that analyzes over 6.5 trillion information signals daily to calculate risks and threats. Our major asset is our client’s trust. Our technology, infrastructure, and services guarantee our customers and their customers the most rigorous protection, data privacy, and security, on top of total compliance with regulations on local, regional, and global levels.

What is your strategy to keep strengthening your business portfolio in Panama?

We are confident that our platform will continue to empower both the private and public sectors to be more efficient, productive, and able to generate opportunities that boost economic development. In addition, we are committed to continuing being the public sector’s partner of choice, and we will continue to place the highest priority on investing in education; we are committed to contributing to the development of appropriate skills among students. That and teaching new skills to the workforce will be key to taking advantage of the fourth industrial revolution. The transformations we are witnessing in the workforce will be greater in the years to come. The changes in the labor market and the evolving needs of the digital-native generations that are entering the workforce call for a re-imagining of the workplace. Adapting to this transformation will be key to attracting and retaining the best talent. That is why our productivity solutions have evolved to become connected work platforms that provide constant flexibility and intelligent collaboration. We firmly believe that technology should serve the greater purpose of generating well-being, help each person and organization achieve more, leaving no one behind. Furthermore, to make sure technology drives equal opportunities to all, we have developed local programs to ensure inclusion, from promoting women in STEM careers to driving technology adoption to rural agriculture.

What are the goals for 2019?

Our strategy for the upcoming years is to continue reinforcing our commitment to Panama’s development; foster a close relationship with our customers in alliance with our partner ecosystem; be the partner of choice in empowering every pillar of the economy to achieve more; and to strive to always promote our vision of diversity and inclusion in everything we do.



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