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PORTUGAL - Real Estate & Construction

Séverine Boutel

CEO, Nhood


Séverine Boutel holds a master’s degree in real estate law and an Executive MBA. She started her career in commercial real estate at Société des Centres Commerciaux and later at Unibail-Rodamnco-Westfield. She joined Immochan Russia with the mission to structure the local operations business and open Akvarel. Boutel later became operations director of Immochan China, then regional director, and later country director, before taking over general management at the end of 2018. She was appointed CEO of Ceetrus Portugal at the end of 2019 and then of Nhood Portugal in 2021.

“Our positive impact approach centers around the three Ps: planet, people, and profit.”
Nhood’s overarching goal is to create, revitalize, and transform cities, neighborhoods, and mixed-use assets into living places for people to live, work, and thrive.
What is Nhood’s expertise?

Nhood specializes in revitalizing and transforming spaces where people can live, enjoy, play, and work. With a presence in 11 countries, our main strength is covering the entire construction process, from strategy and project execution to delivery. We have an operation management of over 700 partners in Portugal. Focused on providing services for tenants, we design and market real estate services that extract the value of real estate assets. For us, finding the right partners is crucial when embarking on a real estate project. Investors need to understand the market and local culture, so hiring partners with an international mindset and experience in different countries is crucial. We believe in business with partners that can provide expertise and knowledge.

Can you elaborate on Nhood’s unique concept of the triple positive impact?

Our positive impact approach centers around the three Ps: planet, people, and profit. The goal is to positively impact the environment and the communities we serve by re-imagining spaces. For this, we keep sustainability at the core of everything we do, and we strive to integrate the best practices available to achieve our targets. 100% of the assets under our management rely solely on renewable energy, and we apply global best practices in Portugal. Developers need a partner who understands the challenge and can implement the right strategies. At the same time, the main priority for stakeholders is sustainability and ensuring long-term viability. At Nhood, we are determined to execute all our CSR commitments. Another of our considerable strengths is our ability to integrate processes and test solutions, achieved by continuously testing and improving our processes and solutions in line with the evolution of technology.

What are the specific market segments you want to explore?

We aim to create, revitalize, and transform urban spaces for a lively neighborhood life, contributing to the 15-minute city and create a well-balanced ecosystem for people to live, work, and thrive in. We want to remain aligned with clients who share the same vision of sustainability and the same values. Our expertise lies in the design of mixed-use projects, integrating various focuses such as offices, restaurants, and hotels in the same space. This allows us to cater to multiple needs and encourage better lifestyles within a community. Nhood also offers management, development, and promotion services.

Can you provide an overview of your current portfolio of assets?

We manage over 200,000 sqm in Portugal and we have a pipeline of projects already identified in more than 15 municipalities, which touches different uses from commercial, residential, office and other real estate, which represents project management with an associated investment of 700 million euros.

How do you envision the future of urban space?

Collaborating to achieve sustainability objectives is a must when the subject is the future of our cities. Sustainability is only possible when done with others in a collective mindset. We envision a future where cities prioritize proximity and well-being, involving citizens in the design of public spaces and betting on the diversification of uses. Through closer alignment between stakeholders, public powers, and inhabitants, we can create a more sustainable and inclusive environment.

What is the importance of being an international company?

Being present across Europe and Africa, we benefit from many synergies carried out by more than 1000 employees. Thanks to our geographical dispersion and combined experience managing over 4.3 million sqm, we can learn from our experiences in one country and apply best practices across all markets. Being international also helps us stay at the forefront of trends and technology. For instance, we were the first company in Portugal to use Google’s AI for customer care, which has since become a successful case study for the country. Additionally, we can implement successful proof of concepts in one market and replicate it in others, which helps us optimize our operations and expand our reach.



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