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Randy Delbert Letang

President and CEO, SGP BioEnergy

Mariano Rivera

Equity Investor, SGP BioEnergy

SGP BioEnergy is an integrated platform with a proven team experienced in developing rapidly scaling commercial projects across a diverse set of industries and global markets.
What is SGP Bioenergy’s trajectory and what will its approach be to the Panamanian market?

SGP BioEnergy is an integrated bioenergy development platform with a proven team experienced in developing rapidly scaling projects across a diverse set of industries and global markets. From a trajectory standpoint, we are focused on deploying our Zero-Waste Ecosystem platform which we believe to be the most advanced pathway to achieving carbon neutrality and Net Zero emissions in finished energy products in the absence of available technology for doing so. From an investment standpoint, SGP BioEnergy represents a pure-play opportunity to create a global categorical leader in bioenergy—a sector expected to require USD131 trillion in new investment to meet the 2050 global sustainability goals. SGP BioEnergy’s business model offers an integrated, sustainable, non-disruptive, reliable, and cost-efficient solution for our investment partners and clients. We believe that our efficient end-to-end process and vertically integrated business model creates a compelling low-cost leader. The scale of global demand for more sustainable energy and products is matched by SGP BioEnergy’s replicable and risk-mitigated development model, focused on delivering customer-first solutions and re-starting and re-purposing idled industrial infrastructure, allowing for innumerable development opportunities which drive humanitarian, industrial and economic impact. Since our first project announcement in Panama at the Bloomberg conference in May 2021 with our partner and Panama native, Mariano Rivera, together with the overwhelming support of President Cortizo and his administration, as well as the business leaders of Colón and the Colón Free Zone, the excitement surrounding the project has only increased. Panama is not only a strategic axis point for the US as it was during the war, but also as a beacon to the world. Through the development of our project, we have the remarkable opportunity to showcase how diverse cultures, idled assets, policy, capital, and ingenuity can converge to create a profound and far-reaching impact in the realms of industry, humanitarianism, and economics. As the 360 logistics and energy hub for Central and Latin Americas, Panama has the potential to serve as a powerful example of how collaboration and forward thinking can drive sustainable progress on a global scale. The Panama project can potentially create over 3 million living-wage jobs in the northern hemisphere, establish dedicated and recurring carbon syncs, and set the baseline for new biomanufacturing industries in compromised agricultural segments, including those in the US. It is a unique opportunity to showcase thought leadership on a global scale. The Golden City Biorefinery project is a USD7.7 billion, fully integrated biorefinery that deliberately considers and includes all the essential elements of the supply chain for the development of the products from the input products through to the end customer. The project will be developed in three phases of 60,000 barrels per day of production, growing to a total of 180,000 barrels of production per day at the completion of Phase 3, producing thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Panama and the region. Not only will this venture generate thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities in Panama and the surrounding region, but it will also revolutionize the energy landscape. At the heart of the Golden City Biorefinery lies a commitment to producing a diverse range of environmentally friendly products. From sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to renewable diesel for power, road, and marine applications, this refinery is set to impact multiple sectors significantly. Additionally, it will be the pioneer in introducing the world to the first-of-its-kind green hydrogen, derived from renewable biofuels. The engineering marvel that underpins these ambitious goals is projected to be completed by June 2027, pending environmental approvals. This visionary project represents a turning point in our journey toward a greener and more sustainable future. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and environmentally conscious practices. The Golden City Biorefinery is poised to become a symbol of progress, showcasing the immense potential of renewable energy, and setting a new benchmark for sustainable development. By developing this project, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create lasting change, drive economic growth, and establish Panama as a global leader in renewable energy. Together, we can build a future where sustainable practices power our industries and protect our planet for future generations.

What impact will Ciudad Dorada have in Panama in the short and long run?

The impact that I believe that the project will have in Panama and the world is to serve as a “how to,” a best practice in implementing humanitarian, industrial and economic impact. Our Golden City Biorefinery project highlights the immense significance of Panama, not only as a strategic axis point for the US and Central and Latin America, but also as a beacon of hope for the world with the potential to revolutionize the global landscape. Imagine more than 3 million living-wage jobs in the northern hemisphere, dedicated carbon syncs, and the birth of new biomanufacturing industries. This transformative project is an opportunity for the US to demonstrate unparalleled thought leadership on a global scale. Our Panama Golden City Biorefinery represents a turning point in our pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future. It symbolizes our unwavering commitment to innovation and environmentally conscious practices. This biorefinery will be a testament to progress, showcasing the tremendous potential of renewable energy and setting new standards for sustainable development. Aligned with all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our platform presents a comprehensive guide to implementing industrial-scale bioenergy projects. Our integrated ecosystem is built upon five key impact pillars: industrial, economic, humanitarian, accountability, and ownership. These pillars ensure our project surpasses stringent ESG criteria, delivering maximum positive impact.

What are your main goals for 2024?

Our main goals for 2024 are to advance the engineering of the Golden City Biorefinery in parallel with our recently announced Ready. Grow. program, where we are developing over 10 million acres of industrial hemp in the United States to supply feedstock to the biorefinery in Panama as well as biomass to our biomanufacturing hubs. Anchoring this integrated system with the Golden City Biorefinery allows us to showcase the full impact and importance of having Panama as a critical energy logistics hub and global benchmark for executing actionable, large-scale renewable energy infrastructure aligned with the UN’s 17 SDGs and the 2030 Agenda. Our model is replicable, profitable, and impactful. It maximizes ownership and provides a roadmap for successful implementation. We’re leveraging existing strengths and idle assets to develop sustainable, low-carbon fuels in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and achieving all 17 SDGs. We’re creating large-scale employment through innovative manufacturing and driving sustainable reinvention of approximately 95% of all consumer products through evolving agricultural practices. And, through our READY. GROW program, we aim to revitalize and stabilize global agriculture. We will continue to seek partnerships with private enterprises, state entities, and sovereign governments.



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