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QATAR - Economy

Sheikha Mayes Bint Hamad Al Thani

Managing Director, US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC)


With an MBA degree from the University of Leicester and a BFA degree in interior design from Virginia Commonwealth University, a holder of the Business Leader Award at the Women of Change 2022 by Doha Women’s Forum, Sheikha Mayes bint Hamad Al Thani is an extremely accomplished businesswoman overseeing many businesses across different sectors in Qatar. She has been part of YPO, where she served as chapter chair for the Qatar Chapter, the chief administration officer at Silatech, director of administration and HR at DFI, and part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s delegation to the 4th US-Qatar Strategic Dialogue in 2021. Currently, she is the Qatar Managing Director for the US-Qatar Business Council and owner of M Power Investment Group.

"USQBC advocates policies and initiatives that enhance bilateral trade and investment in Qatar and the US."
USQBC plays a crucial role in facilitating business collaborations between the US and Qatar through events, networking opportunities, and assistance, ultimately fostering greater investment flows.
What is your overview of the current business climate in Qatar and its potential for growth and investment?

In recent years, Qatar has been actively working to diversify its economy and reduce dependence on oil and gas revenues. It has implemented numerous economic reforms, including the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to develop a knowledge-based economy and promote sustainable development. The Qatari business environment is favorable, with several factors that contribute to its potential for growth and investment. First, its substantial oil and gas reserves have contributed significantly to Qatar’s economic stability and robustness. Several policies have also been implemented by the government to foster economic stability and encourage foreign investment. Second, Qatar made substantial investment into infrastructure projects in preparation to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, resulting in a wide range of services now being available to both domestic and foreign businesses, including transportation networks, stadiums, hotels, and more. For businesses engaged in trade and transportation, Qatar’s advantageous location offers logistical advantages. As part of its efforts to attract foreign investment, the Qatari government has introduced several incentives and initiatives. These include tax exemptions, simplified business registration procedures, and sector-specific incentives. Moreover, there has been an active effort by Qatar to diversify its economy beyond the energy sector. Growth and investment opportunities have been targeted in areas such as finance, real estate, tourism, infrastructure, and technology.

How does USQBC support and facilitate business collaborations between the US and Qatar?

USQBC plays a vital role in fostering trade, investment, and collaboration between Qatar and the US. It organizes networking events, conferences, seminars, webinars, and business forums that bring together business representatives from both countries. By participating in these events, businesses can network, share knowledge, explore partnerships, and build relationships. Additionally, USQBC assists in the identification of potential business partners or clients between companies in the US and Qatar, including organizing B2B meetings, arranging trade missions, or facilitating introductions based on specific interests in an industry or sector. USQBC contributes to the development of trade between the US and Qatar by showcasing business opportunities, facilitating market entry, and providing market intelligence to its members. To help companies navigate the business landscape, USQBC provides information on regulations, trade policies, market trends, and investment incentives. As a member-led organization, USQBC advocates policies and initiatives that enhance bilateral trade and investment in Qatar and the US. The council works closely with government entities and stakeholders to address any barriers or challenges faced by companies and to promote a favorable business environment.

What role does USQBC play in promoting innovation and technology exchange between the US and Qatar?

There are often networking events, seminars, conferences, and workshops organized by USQBC that bring together American and Qatari companies, entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators. These platforms provide a means of exchanging experiences, exchanging ideas, and exploring potential collaborations in the field of innovation and technology. USQBC can provide valuable information and resources related to innovation and technology in both countries. As part of the council’s activities, it may publish reports, market insights and opportunities for collaboration, which help businesses stay current with the latest trends, technologies, and partnerships.

How does USQBC contribute to the achievement of the National Vision 2030 objectives?

USQBC is committed to promoting investment opportunities and attracting FDI in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. Aiming to foster investment flows that contribute to the goals of the vision, the Council provides information, market insight, and networking platforms to facilitate the exchange of information between businesses from the US and Qatar. Promoting trade and business opportunities beyond traditional sectors can help companies explore new avenues and sectors aligned with the vision’s goals, such as technology, innovation, renewable energy, and tourism.



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