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Simon Masri

MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Simon Masri

President & CEO, C3ntro Telecom Mexico


Simon Masri is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry. Over the years, he has established numerous organizations, culminating in the establishment of one of the most successful and consolidated business groups in the country, C3ntro Telecom, which he currently serves as President & CEO. Masri holds a degree in civil engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana. Throughout his career, he has gathered extensive experience in business development.

"We specialize in serving large enterprises and corporate accounts, guiding them through the entire digital transformation process."
C3ntro Telecom continues to drive innovative development in the sector via new services, products, and solutions while ensuring exceptional experience for clients.
What are the main opportunities for growth or investment in the Mexican telecoms industry?

Mexico has trailed behind other industrialized nations in terms of connectivity, fiber towers and data centers, which presents a significant investment opportunity. Additionally, with nearshoring becoming a more appealing proposition for more companies, there will be increased fiber deployment and infrastructure development in the future. Despite Mexico’s recent lack of appeal to international investors, the combination of existing infrastructure gaps and emerging nearshoring opportunities makes it a more promising and secure investment destination.

Is the lack of sufficient connectivity or infrastructure a significant challenge for Mexico?

The government plays a crucial role in attracting new investors by ensuring the availability of land, property titles, water, and energy for companies. As a telecoms operator, we commit to providing essential fiber connectivity for the numerous factories and companies emerging in industrial parks nationwide. Furthermore, there are substantial opportunities for cloud service providers (CSP) to establish data centers in Querétaro, with billions of dollars in announced investments for the next five years. We are actively engaged in constructing one of the largest data center fiber hubs, focusing on providing connectivity among these centers. Our past six years of strategic investments ensure we are able to meet the escalating connectivity needs of these hyperscale data centers, facilitating seamless connections not only within Mexico but also to the US. Regarding the enterprise side and within the digital transformation landscape, significant opportunities abound. Our focus lies in assisting companies in adopting new systems and processes, facilitating their growth in emerging markets. A key aspect of our contribution is helping enterprises transition their processes and digital environments to major cloud platforms.

What is your core customer profile?

We specialize in serving large enterprises and corporate accounts, guiding them through the entire digital transformation process. Our comprehensive solutions cover connectivity, cybersecurity and network infrastructure, including firewall switches, routers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. One of our standout products is the Omni channel, enabling seamless customer interaction across various channels. In addition, we lead in providing unified communication and collaboration platforms. As the largest managed service operator of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex by Cisco in Mexico, we offer complete collaboration solutions, encompassing video conferencing, calling, messaging and inter-company collaboration. Our expertise extends to managing numerous meeting rooms and video conferencing facilities for our client companies.

Can you elaborate on C3ntro Telecom’s plans to build up to 6,000km of fiber optics over the next four years?

Currently, we have deployed over 2,400km of fiber across Mexico, serving major metropolitan areas such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro, Morelia, Puebla, and Riviera Maya. This project, driven by demand from various ecosystem players such as fix operators, mobile operators and cloud service providers, aims to link all data centers in Mexico and Querétaro. The success of this initial phase has prompted our plan to extend the network by an additional 3,000km over the next five years, bringing the total to 6,000km. Companies like MX Fiber are deploying fiber, while Neutral Networks is rolling out a new 1,000-km network. However, our focus extends to both metropolitan and long-distance expansion over the next five years, aiming for a consistent pace of 500-600km new build out per year. We are pleased with the growing demand, especially in underserved regions like the south, where no new networks have emerged in the past two decades. The success of our data center projects relies on three crucial elements: land, energy, and fiber connectivity. We are actively building redundant routes to ensure reliable connectivity for these large-scale projects. With the increasing demand for services, especially in AI, the Querétaro region presents a significant opportunity. Simultaneously, we are expanding our infrastructure by deploying more fiber to the tower, targeting new markets and providing connectivity for mobile operators. This comprehensive strategy addresses both metropolitan and underserved areas, positioning us for strategic growth.



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