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Peter A. Diaz

PANAMA - Telecoms & IT

Socially driven

CEO, Maxia LatAm


Peter A. Diaz A. previously worked in Nestlé for 10 years, initially in EDP IT auditing and then marketing. He subsequently started working in television at Channel 2 as CEO, and then at Cable and Wireless.

TBY talks to Peter A. Diaz A., CEO, and Adriano Del Valle D., COO, of Maxia LatAm.

Maxia was the first Panamanian company to develop solutions in the field of high social technology. Can you tell us more about your business?

PETER A. DIAZ A. We are socially driven. The business model that we developed was a formula or equation that was always there but had so many variables that it was difficult to see it as a whole. We started working with internet and telecommunications to help solve social issues and provide a value proposition that can be managed end-to-end based on telecommunications. We started with five brilliant-minded people and after we started becoming more well known in the market, there were tenders and customers who invited us to work with them on small projects. Our first project was related to video surveillance in 38 schools across the country. Then, we did other important projects, such as electronic police records of the citizens in Panama.

How do you work to inform, educate, and attract new potential clients that might boost their business operations thanks to your services?

PADA Results are everything for a company. The way governments are set up is difficult and it will take a while to embrace the wholeness of solutions. In the past, the government talked about turnkey products; however, this used to be more a financial kind of term in the way the government is evolving. In terms of tenders or new things coming up with the present government, it is getting there as the focus is mostly on the project; but this goes beyond, with sustainability and managing the aspects that have not been considered in the past. The potential and difference a solution makes have to be communicated; hence, we have to take into account key elements, such as change management, results mindsets, and objectives.

ADRIANO DEL VALLE D. The current government is attempting something interesting that no government has done before. For example, when developing a tender, it started to include three years maintenance to ensure that the project will be produced correctly. This is something important in regards to the project’s execution and guarantees a positive impact on people’s lives. This is something we like and it really impacts the project through development and care for the design. Sometimes there are elements that are not included, so we focus on ensuring maximum impact. The reputation of a company can change quickly, which is why we manage our projects carefully every time.

Where would you like to expand your operations?

PADA We have expanded in different areas. We target the regional market as well: Maxia has not focused on Peru as a market for the last few years; however, it is definitely a country about which we have market knowledge. Maxia’s next step is to have a broader business; we have a great track record and if we do things beyond our borders we can have people come over and talk. The Dominican Republic is a country that is similar to Panama; we have that Caribbean essence. We are also looking at opportunities in Ecuador. Our range of projects for next year will include international expansion and also bring such solutions into the private sector here in Panama.

ADVD We are now developing two verticals plans. The first one is e-government, which is about BPMS and electronic documentation for the government, while the second is water solutions within utilities. The idea is to introduce a new technology to this sector, which is an open sector as there is no experience in Panama. It is something done in Europe: taking care of water in every river as, in the end, this has an impact on the population. We are also working on a project regarding the expansion of a hospital: it involves building new facilities, providing, and installing new equipment while the hospital is in operation. We want to go to new tenders and, as matter of fact, we plan to have new tenders in all the verticals this year.



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