The Business Year

Sander De Leersnyder

Country Representative Mexico, Sofico

In 2015, Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico was keen to have a new software product to manage its business fleet, so we established an official company in Mexico in April, 2017. Once our first project is complete, we can spread our wings and look at new projects. Since we opened this office, we have seen a great deal of interest not only from Mexico, but also from companies in other Latin American countries. In Mexico, networking is extremely important, and we seek to build that network going forward and get more clients interested. Within Mexico, we have certain challenges regarding new regulations, including a requirement for every invoice to be stamped by the government authorities. These regulations came in at the beginning of 2018, and we have to adapt our project to cover these requirements. Although Volkswagen is our priority, we are working to get more clients.

Thomas Welle

Managing Director, MCON Mexico

Mexico is a fast-growing market; it was a strategic decision to open our LATAM flagship office in Mexico because it is the ideal market from which to expand regionally. The size and maturity of the automotive industry and numerous opportunities in terms of digitalization also contributed to its appeal. Close to 95% of our work is in the automotive industry, but we also have some clients from the FMCG industry. We mainly focus on data driven and innovative solutions for the digital transformation and making sure our clients have the processes and IT infrastructure to increase the value of the automotive sales and aftersales business. Also, we help Mexican companies that want to be cloud ready by supporting them to scale on a global level. Moreover, we have a great deal of experience in data warehouses (DWH), CRM, and scalable predictive business intelligence (BI) models. In terms of goals, we want to prepare automotive professionals in Mexico for the digital transformation by focusing on data driven solutions that increase the ROI proven value for our clients.

Anurag Kumar

CEO, Anurag Kumar

Guillermo Ortega, iTexico’s co-founder, invited me to visit Mexico to explore leveraging the technology talent and proximity to build a new type of company servicing US clients; this is the genesis of iTexico. Our near-shore model provides an option for customers looking for talent in a geography where there is more collaboration, communication, agility, and time zone alignment. Our focus is on getting the right talent at the right time through hiring carefully and by investing heavily in training. In IT, the US worked with teams in places such as India, Latin America, and Eastern Europe but for a variety of reasons, Mexico was not on the forefront. Mexico provides a number of advantages over other locations: things move faster here, people communicate and interact well, and Mexico provides access to bilingual talent, allowing companies to create solutions for millions of Spanish-speaking consumers. We achieved our goal to exceed 200 employees in 1Q2018 and are now aiming to grow our YoY revenue by around 60% from 2017. Moreover, we would like to build up our practice around blockchain and IoT.



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