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OMAN - Energy & Mining

Sohail Akhtar Mikrani

Deputy General Manager, Maktoom Trading & Contracting Company LLC


Sohail Akhtar Mikrani holds a post-graduation in AIFL from University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from HMSIT, VTU-India. He is an AMU alumnus. Mikrani has over 14 years’ experience in oil and gas in artificial lift systems.

"Our major agenda is to protect the earth’s precious natural resources and consume less energy or use energy sources that cause less pollution, among many solution PMM is the best solution."
Maktoom Trading & Contracting Company has today become an artificial lift total solutions company with products that address the challenges faced by operators.
How has the company evolved since its establishment in 2006, and what have been some of its major achievements over the past year?

Maktoom Co started as an artificial lift service (ALS) company and has today become an artificial lift total solutions company. Apart from services we have added some new technologies in our portfolios. We have added Rodless PCP, which is driven by a PMM, some innovative intervention tools, long stroke pumping unit driven by PMM and some more technologies are under trial with different blocks. Furthermore, we are in the process of assembling flush-by units in Oman. It will be the first assembly of its kind in the region, and we are targeting more flushby and heavy flushby to assemble in Oman to fulfill the region’s requirements. We have had a solid journey thus far since our establishment in 2006, and today we are recognized as an international company. Our Bahrain branch is doing well, and we are expanding in Tatweer field. In addition, we have added manufacturing of all types of connections as per API 5CT and 7-1 requirements for casing, tubing, and drill collars. We started with artificial lift and started to expand in intervention too.

What competitive advantage does Maktoom bring to the market?

We are executing trials on new technologies. The success of these technologies will be a game changer and help to save energy, improve run life, optimize production, reduce costs, and protect the environment. Our intention is to reduce the OPEX of operators via our new technologies. We are investing in R&D with our partners internationally. The level of R&D in oil and gas must be standard enough to capture more hydrocarbons per well. Some 5% of the world’s oil and gas wells have enough reservoir pressure to flow naturally, and the remaining 95% rely on artificial lift technologies. To get most return from the well, we must strike an optimal balance between production cost and production performance, mostly by investing in R&D. Maktoom is well versed in artificial lift problems like gas, solids, pressure, high temperature, high mechanical loads, high fluid viscosity, or high water cut, and our R&D is accordingly targeted. We are looking forward to great success along with our partners.

What steps has Maktoom taken toward integrating environmental excellence into its agenda?

Our major agenda is to protect the earth’s precious natural resources and consume less energy or use energy sources that cause less pollution, among many solution PMM is the best solution. I have stressed use of PMM in many platforms. By replacing induction motors with PMM, 40% of the electricity consumption can be saved. Many companies are also making progress with PMM, and we are doing the same along with our innovative partners. We are integrating PMM with Gyro technologies and this is under R&D stage. As far as sustainable energy concerns, Oman is blessed with heavy wind and sunlight. The Ibri solar plant which produces 500MW, the biggest in the GCC is an example of government focus toward the sustainable energy. There will also be windmills in Duqm and Dhofar that will generate electricity as those regions are blessed with heavy winds. If we can start generating electricity by wind and solar, our hydrocarbons dependency will fall, and it will reduce pollution.

Where would you like to see Maktoom in the short and long term?

Our short-term goal is to retain our contracts and focus towards the success of our new technologies which are under trial. We want to execute awarded contracts, including the Marmul ISP project. In the long term, we want to utilize innovative products to other oil blocks in the region and beyond. Our plan to expand ourselves in drilling and intervention. We have plan to add some more product to overcome multitude of challenges that are common to most operators regardless of size, location, or maturity of operation.



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