The Business Year

Ernesto Pérez Moles

General Manager, SOLAR GREEN

Colombia has a market of 45 million inhabitants with a purely hydroelectric energy matrix; thus, it requires more diverse energy sources. There will be more production in 2018, though the regulations prevent better results in the Colombian market. The environmental laws are also tough for autonomous organizations. In Colombia, we are partners of Ser Colombia, the country’s association focused on the renewable energy sector. SOLAR GREEN has been in the Colombian market for two years; we started to work with Law 1715 and began to open new businesses in Colombia. We are developing new projects and with the results obtained we have great expectations for our Colombian market. We were working from Spain from 2004-2008, and after 2008 we started to do international business and opened offices in Israel, India, Italy, Japan, and nine other countries. Our main markets are the UK and Japan. Uraba is our first installation of self-consumption solar in Colombia. We are working for a mall in Uraba—one of our industrial customers—and only use the B2B model. We are currently working on our commercial model because the market has not been regulated by the government. The regulation is meant to be ready in November, and we have great expectations for the future.

Ing. Jorge. A. Osuna


There has been a gradual maturity of the market in Colombia. Our main interest is to introduce green energy technologies, efficiency energy, and new technologies that allow industries and the commercial sector to improve their processes. GIE is an energy company established 15 years ago with a core business of electric infrastructure and conventional energy. Later, we went into lighting solutions. During this period, we developed consultancy and studies in co-generation, demand response, small hydro-electrics, geothermal, and wind energy integrated in energy efficiency programs. We offer different business models to our clients to allow the development of these projects like a PPA, via renting or leasing, which allow for the development of these solutions. What we look for in the market is new solutions and green building technology that saves energy and improves performance and processes. Our target clients are those from the industrial and commercial sectors that operate at warehouses, for example Coca-Cola and Bimbo, among others. Each conventional energy user is a potential client as well for renewable energy implementation. Our purpose is to retain such clients with other solutions.

Mauricio Sarria Duran

CEO, Mauricio Sarria Duran

Our business model for Colombia is aimed at selling turnkey solutions to corporations, so they can sub-generate energy and reduce their energy bills. We are also developing large multi-megawatt plants that sell electricity to the grid or major energy consumers and energy operators, though our main focus is on businesses wanting to generate power. Our operations in Colombia were established in time with the booming market. Because turnkey solar solutions were a new concept in the Colombian market, we had to put in hard work to generate interest, generate awareness, and open up the market for solar solutions. Initially, CEOs and companies had trouble envisioning these solutions because of widespread misconceptions about solar energy systems. However, we are now witnessing the rise of solar business in Colombia; we have four installations of various sizes scheduled for 2018, ranging from small (less than 100kW), medium (300-400kW), to large (over 1MW). In Colombia, we enjoy a number of great relationships, but there has been considerable uncertainty in the market due to lack of regulations. With new regulations in place, the stage is set for businesses to start flourishing.



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