The Business Year

The implementation of the energy reform has had a positive influence on the renewables sector in the country, further supporting the investment of more such projects.

James Qiao

President, Huawei Fusion Solar LatAm

Huawei is the largest solar and string inverter supplier in the world. We have over 50% market share in the solar string invertor market and serve our customers globally. In the solar industry, there are investors, developers, and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies for the utility market, while in the commercial industry and residential market there are also many installers where we work mostly through our distribution partners in the market. We work with all of them in the solar power market. The Mexican electricity market is becoming healthier due to the energy reform. Huawei works with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and other major players on the transformation toward the smart grid. However, the grid is not ideal at the moment, and there are still some areas where we can improve. In addition, the transmission resource is still limited, and it is still expensive to transfer the electricity from one place to another over long distances. However, with the introduction of the latest advanced string inverter technology instead of central inverter technology, the grid will be more stable when more solar plants are connected to the grid, resulting in fewer issues for CFE’s grid.

Andrés González

CEO, DM Solar

In business since 2012, DMSolar has always been focused solely on distribution, and our strategy for 2018-2021 is to stay at the forefront of consumers’ minds and have the product in stock. As with all distribution companies worldwide, we need to have the best products available at the best prices. Mexico’s renewables sector is still in its infancy. DMSolar distributes solar solutions to industrial, commercial, and residential customers. The business represents around 150-160MW per annum on distributed generation (DG) market, which is nothing compared to a more mature market. DMSolar is part of the distribution committee of the Asociación Mexicana de Energí­a Solar (ASOLMEX), which works closely with the government. ASOLMEX has published a book setting out possible strategies for how government and private sector can develop best practices for the solar industry here. DM Solar does not sell to just anybody. We protect the market. Those who want to get products from DM Solar have to fulfill certain criteria, which is one of the factors that has put the company where it is today. We provide consumers high-quality products at competitive prices, not to mention excellent service. In 2018, we want to consolidate our position and build more alliances with installers.

Alberto Cuter

General Manager Latin America and Italy, Alberto Cuter

The real advantage of Jinko is that we are able to satisfy the needs of the countries we operate in by understanding every country’s unique local demands. We are a vertically integrated company, and through our integrated system, we are able to control the quality of every single step of production. Jinko has been the largest photovoltaic (PV) solar global manufacturer since 2016. In 2017 alone, we provided 9.7GW in total and around 1.7GW in Latin America, which is our biggest market after China. Boasting strong local teams in 10 Latin American countries, the region represents around 18% of our global sales. Within Latin America, Mexico is our most important market due to its medium- and long-term outlook. To date, 90% of the total installation is mainly utility scale. There are three main markets in Mexico: auctions, private power purchase agreements (PPAs), and distribution generation. We are approaching the Mexican market with dedicated teams for utility scale and distribution generation. Our target is for each house to install 2kW solar panels with a battery and storage system that produces energy without contamination. At present, we supply solar PV panels for an 820MW project, which will be the largest project in the Americas upon completion.

Héctor Olea

CEO, Gauss Energí­a

We developed the first utility-scale solar project operating in Mexico in 2013. We had to develop those supply chains in a short time. We are currently developing a new project where supply chains are fully developed and extremely competitive. In order to provide those USD20 per MW/hour prices, we have to put together the supply chains with equipment and services in the most competitive areas. If parts and equipment have to be manufactured and assembled in other markets, then we must take advantage of that. In Mexico, we can specialize in something that we are competitive in, vis-í -vis other parts of the world. The way of doing business has flipped 180 degrees as a result of the energy reform. The most direct impact has been the promotion of renewable energy. With respect to solar, since the reform has been in place, around 37 new projects are now under construction or ready to start construction. This will mean 5GW of new capacity in solar with a direct investment of USD5 billion in solar alone by 2020. We see similar numbers with respect to wind, pipeline, transmission, and oil and gas development. The main issue currently is how the energy reform will play out with the new administration. However, it is a chance to gain more momentum to further implement reforms.

José Antonio Alcalá

Regional Director for Mexico, Central America & Caribbean, Arctech Solar

Mexico has a strong regulatory system that began in 2010, making solar an attractive prospect for our operations. There are nearly 1 million households that can benefit from solar energy in the distributed generation (DG) market. In terms of our company, we are keen to work with large Mexican companies and international companies with operations in Mexico. We want to partner with many different brands and help them develop and grow. We are a Chinese transnational company and have the ability to focus on different market types. In Mexico we are only focused on utility scale projects and in this segment, Mexico has an extremely strong potential of up to 20GW in the next few years. Mexico is the fourth-largest market for our global presence in the coming years. In the next five or six years, it will require 25GW of solar installation. Mexico is a great environment for using trackers as opposed to fixed infrastructure. Tracker technology yields excellent technical and financial outputs. We have a global R&D team in offices across the world to find and develop the best technology. We help our clients optimize their solar farms and designs. We want the best product and the lowest price for our clients.



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