The Business Year

Vladimir Zemskov

Managing Director, EZSolutions

Until 2010, our main task had been business mentor management, which included organizing conferences and seminars, and the implementation of training grants for Kazakhstan and Central Asia. For the past three years, we have been developing in the field of corporate events, such as team building, advertising campaigns, and corporate celebrations. One of the most outstanding events of 2013 was the Third Central Asian Trade Forum held in cooperation with the USAID Regional Economic Cooperation Project and KAZNEX Invest in Almaty. The event included a trade exhibition of Central Asian exporters, and a competition for the best exporter of 2013 title, as well as the Forum itself, in which delegations from Afghanistan and Pakistan participated. We had a winner from each country, and one from Central Asia, a company from Uzbekistan applauded for generating sizable exports. Our services range from transportation all the way up to writing scenarios and bringing in artists for specific events. We work with all adjacent service providers, such as security and hosts. Essentially, we deliver turnkey solutions for any event idea. We plan to open an office with permanent staff in Astana in 2014. At the moment, we only have representatives working there for us. We also intend to increase our activity in Bishkek, and expect many investments in terms of brands coming to Kyrgyzstan.

Andrey Antipov

Director, Tenir Project

Our company was inaugurated in 1994, and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2014. The company was formed during a period of economic restructuring when we were passing from a planned economy to the free market model. When the Financial Industrial Investment Corporation Tenir was established, it lacked a particularly clear objective. Therefore, we opted for the more general name of Tenir, becoming the first firm to engage in consulting, analysis, and recommendations. Initially, we served Tenir company projects; however, when the number of external clients increased, we decided to separate and create the Tenir Project in 2000. Through it, we offer the core services of expert and management consulting. Management consulting involves the development of management systems, and the improvement of organizational structures and development strategies. Meanwhile, expert consulting features such services as analysis, financial modeling, and marketing. In recent years, demand has mostly arisen from the energy and building materials sectors, although we have had experience working with a far wider range of industries, too. We are characterized by realism in that whatever solutions we council on are based on our own experiences. In management consulting, we write realistic development programs in order to present a balanced system, meaning the clients avoid misunderstandings among employees and discuss any errors that may have arisen.

Zhazira Nurgalieva

Director, Zhazira Nurgalieva

Services, outsourcing, and consulting are three elements that are unique and self-contained. For example, recruiting is similar to sales; we “sell” candidates. Here, we depend on the quality of our sales. Recently, we introduced a new Russian mobile application product for recruiting in the Kazakh market that is called Pruffi. The commission for recruiting services is between the charge for executive search and for the employment agency’s commission, and it is not a cheap service. One might advertise more senior jobs at recruiting agencies, and not so much administrative staff, for example. This is why we brought in the Pruffi product, where external people can recommend candidates and where one can find an administrative or lower level job; it is called “social headhunting.” Out-staffing is more stable now, but there are risks related to these types of services, which should be covered. When you have a couple of positions “closed” through recruiting you already have a larger profit than outsourcing brings in over a one-month period. However, out-staffing generates consistent profit from month to month. We started to provide out-staffing services during the crisis of 2007-2008, and we also provide separate HR management and accounting services.



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