The Business Year

Javier Valdés

Director General, Syngenta Mexico

Karl Fick

Founder & Board Member, Agrinos

What major growth and developments would you like to see in 2013? JAVIER VALDÉS There are some commercial transgenic crops produced by Mexican growers already, for example, cotton and soya. […]

What major growth and developments would you like to see in 2013?

JAVIER VALDÉS There are some commercial transgenic crops produced by Mexican growers already, for example, cotton and soya. At the moment, we are waiting on the government’s approval to introduce commercial transgenic corn crops, and when the government gives us the necessary permissions, we will start cultivating such varieties of transgenic food in 2013. From a producer point of view, the future prospects are very promising, because, for example, cotton production came back to Mexico thanks to new technology that reduced production costs and made it profitable for producers. I believe that developing a favorable legal and regulatory framework for producers would clearly boost investment and production in Mexico.

KARL FICK We have many expectations for 2013 that it will become the platform for the next two years to follow, because we have built a presence in the entire nation with more than 6,000 clients around the country. We are working hand in hand with the authorities to provide and develop technologies for farmers that will increase the required productivity for Mexico. We see that the authorities are making avenues for technologies to reach the farming sector in a quicker way. I can see that they will be working with the farmers in Oaxaca and Chiapas, and we are already working there on promises for the farmers and society. Now, the government is providing resources and infrastructure so that the technology can get to the people. We have seen growth already from tending to 150 specialized clients at the top level to now 6,000 clients. This tells us how much the market is really saying we need to change. The farming market is an activity of tradition, but today it is a situation that requires change where the consequence for not changing means death, so there is a lot of acceptance.

What are your expansion plans for the coming year?

JV We aim to increase the penetration of new technology in the industry, and we expect to double our sales within the next five to 10 years. For that reason, we will implement far more aggressive plans and projects in agriculture, and we will work closely with the authorities and main players in the production chain. At the same time, we aim to further develop new integrated solutions to address the problems Mexican producers face, especially in terms of plagues and new diseases in crops. In addition, we will further increase our investment in other companies in order to increase the technological level in Mexico. I believe that in coming years we will increase the overall number of pilot projects we develop in the country as well. Syngenta wants to demonstrate the broad and exclusive knowledge about different fields of science and its applications in products and solutions that improve quality and facilitate agricultural productivity. We offer integrated crop solutions (ICS) for the different needs of farmers.

What is the significance of your partnership with Syngenta, and how important are partnerships like that to you?

KF We have the ambition to make this technology available to the world. We know that there are very specialized companies in the world like Syngenta that have more than 200 years of development and therefore experience in the field. I think Syngenta is in almost 90 different countries and it has very developed people, as well as knowledge and a wide client base. Syngenta wants to do more with less and do so in a sustainable way so our partners have a similar mindset to us as well as being present in Europe and Africa and some parts of Asia, places where we have a limited presence. We share the basic principles and beliefs and it makes logical sense to work together. Our aim is to give resources to farmers in the most efficient way possible, and I think that is why this relationship with Syngenta makes a lot of sense.



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