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CEO, Trigeneration Company (NTCC)


Saud Al-Arifi is the CEO of the Trigeneration Company (NTCC), a conglomerate that has been in business in Saudi Arabia since 2007. He is also a Board Member and Managing Partner of the Board of Directors of NTCC, as well as the CEO of Source Energy, an NTCC subsidiary company. He also serves as Board Member of DTZ-KSA and Saudi Cooling Company. He was previously Managing Director of the Medical, Media and Telecom Sector of Al Faisaliah Group of Companies, where he was the top-level executive from 2001 to 2007. He obtained a degree in industrial technology from the University of San Jose in California.

TBY talks to Saud Al-Arifi, CEO of the Trigeneration Company (NTCC), on the company's role in the market, current projects, and the potential of district cooling.

What is the role of NTCC today in the local market?

Since the Electricity & Co-Generation Regulatory Authority (ECRA) gave us the license to study the building and operation of tri-generation plants throughout the Kingdom, NTCC entered the Saudi trigeneration and cogeneration sector in Saudi Arabia in full force. In compliance with Vision 2030, NTCC is uniquely placed in the center of the plan with its greener and more fuel-efficient trigeneration and district cooling solutions. NTCC has evolved to be among the market leaders in the district cooling and energy sector in the Kingdom.

What is the company structure and how do clients benefit from your services?

NTCC is joint stock company managed by the CEO, who reports to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. NTCC has three subsidiaries. The first of these is Source Energy, which focuses on build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) businesses including co-generation, tri-generation, and district cooling plants. Intelligent Energy Services (IES) focuses on the sale and rental of generators. Rental services include projects from smaller capacities to larger capacities for short and long term. DTZ-KSA is a JV with an international company focusing on facility management and facility consulting. One of our notable achievements in Saudi Arabia is the Facility Management Design Audit for new buildings like the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. NTCC seeks out the most professional strategic partners to achieve its targets in each project. NTCC tailors solutions for its clients to become a one-stop shop for all their energy and district cooling solutions in the Kingdom.

On what projects are you currently working?

Presently, we have six running projects with dedicated cooling that is serving large organizations, such as the National Commercial Bank in Riyadh. Additionally, we have the Al Anood Tower and the Burj Rafal Tower in Riyadh, and the King Road Tower in Jeddah. In addition to our existing projects, we are currently evaluating a good number of big projects under the BOT concept. And, as for the rental business, we have a good number of clients that we are serving, like Emaar, Landmark, Lulu, and others.

New technologies and services are key for the economy. What contribution can NTCC provide when it comes to district cooling?

As per the statistics, almost 50% of the power for a project goes to cooling, which is a major chunk. When you look at individual buildings with their own chillers compared to multiple buildings fed from a centralized district cooling plant, there is a huge diversity factor that we can build into the district cooling plant design. This cuts down the actual capacity of cooling to be installed completely by around 30%, which reflects on the power capacity to be subscribed and the power consumption. Including thermal storage into the design helps in peak shaving and efficient usage of power. We specialize in district cooling and dedicated power supply.

What are your targets for 2016?

We believe that in 2016 the awareness about district cooling will help it take its place strongly in line with the direction that the Saudi government is taking in order to streamline energy costs. We are working closely with the market to establish more awareness of the services offered by NTCC, which will eventually result in better opportunities. This has inspired the establishment of a new JV with a giant company in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Binladin Group. This JV will capitalize its efforts on large projects in district cooling.



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