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Juventino Cetino Grepo has held a range of positions, such as tax accountant and financial auditor for Roberto Casas Alatriste (PricewaterhouseCoopers), coordinator of financial evaluation and regional controller in Fenoquimia, and corporate manager for financial tax planning for Industries Resistol. He subsequently went on to become Vice-president of SADMX, before becoming CEO of CCIPSA.

What are some of the core activities your company has been involved with in the construction sector? CCIPSA is a private company established by Mexican entrepreneurs, which is dedicated to […]

What are some of the core activities your company has been involved with in the construction sector?

CCIPSA is a private company established by Mexican entrepreneurs, which is dedicated to general civil engineering and construction projects. The company was established in 2006, and from our first days we specialized in the development and construction of housing units. Between 2008 and 2014, we set up several strategic alliances that enabled us to broaden our portfolio of services and products. Today, we are specialized in the design and construction of roads, bridges, industrial buildings, and parks; we also work with social interest, medium-cost, and residential housing developments, as well as schools, amusement parks, rehabilitation centers, golf courses, and hotel design and construction. Furthermore, we work on wastewater treatment plants, drainage and sewage systems design, and on construction and carbon footprint and environmental impact studies. CCIPSA is devoted to serving clients from the private sector, multinational corporations, and governmental entities.

Can you tell us a bit more about your strategic alliance with the Hilton hotel chain? What other international alliances is CCIPSA developing?

In Mexico, we have developed a partnership with the internationally-renowned hotel chain The Hilton Garden Inn in Coatzacoalcos; the hotel will launch operations in 2016 in a special area, one dedicated to oil production. Over 35 companies operating there, most related to PEMEX. For that reason, we envisage the development of a hotel that will also become a business center. This hotel will host international businessmen as well as national guests. The arrival of Hilton will represent a turning point in the hospitality industry of Veracruz, and it will definitely become a leading player in the sector from the outset. CCIPSA is always looking for strategic alliances with partners that have a strong and solid market presence—Hilton is without a shadow of a doubt one of them. We also have strategic alliances in all the segments we operate in, with leading international companies from countries like Norway as well. Our company is divided into six divisions: engineering and construction, financial, real estate, chemical, telecommunications, and tourism.

What are some of the main projects you are currently developing?

We are developing as many as 936 high-end apartments in the same area as the Hilton Hotel. The area where the Hilton Hotel is located offers plenty of opportunities and future prospects, from both an industrial and commercial point of view. At the moment, we are holding talks with several store chains to open a commercial space there. We are also currently developing an extension of a maritime port and several other related projects such as maritime platforms. Currently, we are also constructing an industrial park. I could also mention our solid ties with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE); we develop engineering, topographic, and other such projects for them. Luckily, CCIPSA has managed to build up a varied and diverse portfolio of partners, including leading companies in Mexico and throughout the world. PEMEX and Hilton are excellent examples. We have strategic alliances with most of them, but in several cases our relationship with them, and the projects we jointly develop, are through concessions.

What are some of the competitive advantages of CCIPSA?

We have been one of the most innovative companies in the industry; we are also one of the most technologically advanced companies in maritime construction projects. Also, in the last few years, we have launched the hotel design and construction division. CCIPSA is a company that uses certified human resources in both the services and products it offers, and state-of-the-art technology in all of its projects. Some of our collaborators have over 35 years of experience and training in the construction sector, and are always assisted by professional counselors in administrative, financial, and tax issues, ensuring proper and timely administration of the projects in which CCIPSA participates, thus allowing us to provide the best possible solutions. We count on work teams with the right experience and a reputation most appropriate for each project. CCIPSA has a staff 1,500 people, and human resources are one of our key competitive advantages as a company. Having said that, our projects are also unique from an innovation and technical perspective. The many projects we develop in Veracruz will definitely change the area’s landscape.



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