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Sulaiman Almusallam CEO, Red Bull MOBILE Saudi Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA - Telecoms & IT

Sulaiman Almusallam

CEO, Red Bull MOBILE Saudi Arabia


Sulaiman Almusallam the CEO of Red Bull Mobile Saudi Arabia. He holds a bachelor of telecommunications engineering degree from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals and an English diploma degree from Indianapolis University in the US. Almusallam has 17 years’ of working experience in technology and management in SDAIA, Aramco, and SCECO. He is a board member of Professional Experience and Future Networks was bestowed the King Abdulaziz Medal by King Salman Bin Abdulaziz in 2020 for his services to the country. He is also certified by Harvard Business School in the Senior Executive Leadership Program.

“We are offering a new mobile experience to our subscribers, where everything is centered around data and experiences.”
Red Bull MOBILE Saudi Arabia has differentiated its offerings for the Saudi telecoms sector through unprecedented access to Red Bull events, and to content, games, merchandise, and athletes.
Can you elaborate on Red Bull MOBILE’s operations and what incentivized its establishment?

Red Bull MOBILE Saudi, offered by FNT, is a well-known mobile virtual operator in Saudi Arabia and one of the most exciting brands to bring a new mobile experience to the Kingdom. We are offering a new mobile experience to our subscribers, where everything is centered around data and experiences. We are also targeting customers with an active lifestyle and progressive mindset. With Red Bull MOBILE, we seek to unlock access to the World of Red Bull in the Kingdom. Our presence in Saudi Arabia can be described in different ways. The brand is for everyone with an active lifestyle, people who love sports, music, gaming, and the outdoors as well as those who push the boundaries of their comfort zones. We are bringing a different offering for the telecoms sector through unprecedented access to Red Bull events and to content, games, merchandise, and athletes.

The sports sector is gaining traction in the Kingdom. How is Red Bull MOBILE supporting sports in Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom hosts annual events in entertainment and sports, and Red Bull MOBILE is actively involved by sponsoring various events organized by Red Bull and other parties. One of the highlights of the year is the Formula One event held in Jeddah. Through Red Bull’s direct involvement in the sports, we are able to provide our customers with a unique experience and special access to the garage area where they can meet the drivers the entire team. When it comes to e-sports, we are proud to be active supporters of the gaming industry. We are active sponsors of the MS Dossary Game On event organized by Red Bull where teams play against each other. In 2022, the qualifiers and finals even took place directly in our flagship stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar. This event attracted not only our subscribers but also fans from all over the Kingdom. We are also proud to be part of the Red Bull Car Park Drift in December in Jeddah, which in 2022 hosts the world finals of the Red Bull drifting competition.

What opportunities have you identified in the telecoms sector, and how do you plan on leveraging them?

Saudi Arabia represents the largest telecoms market in the region, while the sector also represents half of the market share of the industry in this region. Already, we have achieved the majority share with high mobile coverage, which is a great opportunity to grow. The data segment is also growing, driven by young people, new technologies, applications, and social media. Many people require the internet, and there is opportunity in that area as well since consumers are always looking for experience, ease of use and clarity, and relevancy to their lifestyle to what the operator is offering. This was the main input of our commercial strategy which was designed to take us out of the crowd of focusing only on the value.

How do you raise awareness of the services that you provide and shape your competitive advantage?

We are building on multiple folds of differentiation capitalizing on a brand that is for everyone with an active lifestyle, loves sports, music, gaming, outdoors and wants to push the boundaries to bring a differentiated offering from telco, content, and lifestyle benefits as well as members with a special access to the World of Red Bull: experiences, content, games, events, merchandise and athletes. All of that is built on a layer of digital excellence as well as superior customer experience across touch points. We offer people access to the World of Red Bull events both locally and abroad and encourage them to participate in this world. Our customers can benefit from all our upcoming events and be part of our work here in the Kingdom. We invest heavily in our customer support team, as it is an important aspect of our culture at Red Bull Mobile.



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