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Eduardo Iribarren

PANAMA - Finance

Suma Financiera

President, Suma Financiera


TBY talks to Eduardo Iribarren, President of Suma Financiera on finance sector.

What does it feel like to be recognized as one of the Great Places to Work in Panama for 2019?

It was a surprise because being a small company we cannot invest much in things that are not part of our core business. The Great Place to Work Institute does a cultural audit and another one about how people feel about working for the company. We were interested in getting this independent opinion. For me, company culture is the essence of success. It was a surprise to find out Suma Financiera was ranked number six among the best places to work in Panama. The five companies ranked above us were all huge multinationals. We were also ranked ninth out of 100 for Central America and eighth in all categories for Central America.

How do you ensure Suma Financiera continues to increase its market share?

Right now, we have eight offices and great infrastructure. However, we need to increase productivity per credit agent. When I check the balance sheet, there is no fat that needs trimming. We are a small company that is getting bigger; we have almost 100 people and 2,500 clients. In addition, we have to increase our quality and make people more aware of our services. Our message is that Suma Financiera is a great place to grow. We strive to be a fearless company where people can raise their hands and speak freely.



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