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Given rising commodity prices, there are high expectations of increased production in Mexico in the coming years, with mines rapidly ramping up production and acquiring more equipment to improve safety and efficiencies.

Diego Torroella

General director, TAKRAF Mexico

We have some major overland conveyors for one of the biggest mining groups; the main one is in Sonora. We have continued to collaborate with it on this Insignia project that we built a few years ago. Together, we are now working on developing a new project where we seek to replicate and even improve its operations in their other mines. Our clients have realized it is a good idea to work with us from the initial planning and design steps and develop projects together. Our best sell method is to look at currently operating equipment; we can make 100 presentations, but until you see it working, you may not be aware of the full extent of our operational advantages. Here in Mexico, we recently completed commissioning of a 6,000 ton per hour stacker in an extremely corrosive area. We were awarded this project in 2019, and we completed commissioning notwithstanding the significant challenges posed by the pandemic. This machine can actually withstand winds up to 47km per hour, and if it is tied down correctly, it is able to withstand a Category 3 hurricane. This demonstrates that the machine not only works well, but that we can actually take all these precautionary measures.

Giuseppe Campanelli

President, North and Central America, Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec provides solutions to miners beginning with crushing rock up to developing metals. The solutions we offer are not specific to just one area of the process. Rather, we now have a comprehensive view of their entire process and can provide the equipment that best fit the process and not just one specific area. We can now provide a coordinated approach. It is not enough to optimize just one aspect: a holistic approach results in the best outcomes. As Metso Outotec, we can take more ownership of what we are delivering. That is really of big value to our customers. We can help them debottleneck, find solutions, and achieve the availability that they require to meet today’s demands. Additionally, our service capabilities are a key differentiator for most of our customers. With about 5,000 service experts globally, and a significant amount in Mexico, we provide a comprehensive service offering from spares and wears to advanced lifecycle services. Metso Outotec is a market leader in providing unique life cycle Services programs for our customers, with over 500 contracts globally. Through our deep knowledge of the entire customer process and offering and supported by digitalization, Metso Outotec can help customers exceed their performance targets.

James Valenzuela

General Director, James Valenzuela

Resemin manufactures drilling equipment for underground mining. We have been present in Mexico since 2010, because we consider it important due to the lack of equipment here despite the significant mining activity here. The Mexican and Peruvian mining industries are fairly similar, which is why I believe we should work together. We offer great added value since we manufacture our equipment in Peru, from where it is exported to any country in the world. We are far from countries in Europe where engines and industrial components of the equipment are generally manufactured. We have a great position in Mexico, with no less than 20% market share. I consider it to be a solid figure since we just started here. We are also a family business, and we are competing against bigger companies. We would like to consolidate our position in this market in the coming year. We plan to expand the sale of equipment for underground mining. We may implement the Peruvian business model since we are the leaders in terms of market share in that country and third in Mexico. We are present in several countries, and our goal is to keep moving forward.

Alfredo Bertrand

General Manager, Epiroc

A few years ago, we launched what we call the “sixth sense“ for mining, which is the digitalization and implementation of technology in mining projects, including zero emissions in the equipment that companies use underground. That service was launched in 2019. The pandemic has opened the eyes of the market to the need for greater use of technologies. In 2021, we started to acquire companies that are not related to our core business but will allow us to take our services to the next level. We acquired a company focused on the automation of products on the surface. In 2020, we were awarded a significant contract in Australia for up to five or six years. Through this contract, we will automate the complete operation—not just Epiroc equipment, but also equipment from other brands—and will bring it under a single platform. We have also acquired a company called Mobilaris Mining Intelligence, which provides traffic management solutions and allows us to have real-time control of the fleet from a control room, regardless of whether the equipment belongs to the Epiroc brand. We have been acquiring companies that will help us provide a better service to our end customers.

Hector Hugo Miranda Neriz

Country Manager Mexico, Orica

We will continue to focus on mining in Mexico. We are developing our position in sodium cyanide, which is part of our portfolio, besides the commercial explosives and blasting services. Orica has other business divisions, one of which is Ground Probe. GroundProbe is a global technology leader that provides advanced hardware and software solutions to the mining and civil industries. With a focus on providing end-to-end solutions, these technologies have been specifically developed for geotechnical monitoring, and development and construction guidance. There is another division called Minova, a ground support business that works in many underground mines in North America. It helps ensure a safer operation for our customers.

Finally, in commercial explosives there is a new technology available in Mexico called WebGen. This wireless initiation system allows in-hole primers to be wirelessly initiated, eliminating the need for down hole wires and surface connecting wires. In addition, WebGen removes people from harm’s way, lowers operating costs, and increases productivity benefits. In the last 12 months we have been conducting trials in key undergrounds mines in Mexico with great success. This new technology is a game changer. The priority for Orica is to always maintain our excellent performance in safety.



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