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SF Susan Cabeceiras (Abr 2021) – 24

PORTUGAL - Real Estate & Construction

Susan Cabeceiras

Founder & CEO, Konceptness


Susan Cabeceiras was born in Toronto, Canada, where she spent her early childhood. She grew up in the Azores, on the island of São Miguel, with her parents. Later on, she studied in Lisbon, where she chose to live and work. She has always been fascinated by architecture and creating spaces. She finished her architecture degree, specializing in the area of industrial licensing, retail, and services. She is a Security Technician, Fire Safety expert, and has a Master’s in Commercial Management. She started her own company “Konceptness” in 2009 and in this way began her entrepreneurial path. Since 2018, with the starting of one of the first cannabis companies in Portugal, Konceptness led the startup and implementation of the project. Since then Konceptness has supported five projects on various fronts. Konceptness is a market leader in building consultancy for industries, with experience in residential, commercial, services, health, and leisure buildings. The team has over 20 years of market experience in architecture, engineering, and the environment.

"We work closely with our clients to define their ODS goals."
In 2022, Portugal’s real estate market saw a record-breaking volume of transactions, both residential and commercial. How has Konceptness adapted to this surge, and what strategies have you implemented to capitalize on this growth?

Konceptness has been growing to meet market needs. The number of staff members and their training in new skills and specialization in BIM skills is fundamental for the future of the company. This strategy is our answer to the market demands. We have the best know-how and technology in the AEC industry. We are oriented to clients’ business-to-business, commercial, and industry requirements, but growth in the residential market directly influences industry needs.

With the projected slowdown in Portugal’s economic growth due to high energy costs and food prices, how is Konceptness preparing for potential changes in the real estate market?

Such changes in the market can be seen as an opportunity. Konceptness launched several new services all oriented toward environmental and sustainability services. All the companies that want to stay in the market need to be conscious of their carbon footprint.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the real estate sector. How is Konceptness incorporating these elements into its projects, and what impact do you see this having on the industry in Portugal?

We work closely with our clients to define their ODS goals. Konceptness has the best experts in LEED, BREEAM, and WELL certification. Our teams are totally dedicated to the requirements of such standards. Another upgrade that we are proud that Passive House certification. Konceptness is now Passive House certified. If you ask anyone if they want to spend 75-90% less on energy in their building, what do you think would be their answer? For both new and already existing buildings that is now possible with the Konceptness team.

Given the shortage of supply affecting all segments of the real estate market in Portugal, how is Konceptness navigating this challenge, particularly in the commercial real estate sector?

Since COVID that the commercial market has changed. Our clients in that market completely changed the way they work on offices, and the way the way brands sell has also totally changed. We need to be analyzing the market, helping clients, and developing projects for the best marketing and sales results.

As the founder and CEO of Konceptness, what are your thoughts on the future of the real estate market in Portugal, particularly considering recent economic and regulatory changes?

With the war in Ukraine and the state of Portuguese politics, the market is not showing growth anymore. Next year could be challenging. AEC teams must be flexible and become experts in different areas to be always adaptable to the market. When clients are more cautious in their investments, that is when we need to do more technical due diligence then ever/



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