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Lida Pabón

COLOMBIA - Industry

Taking action now

CEO, Pinturas Tito Pabón


Lida Pabón studied literature, pedagogy, and conflict resolution and was a teacher for 28 years. Since 2009, she has been the head of Pinturas Tito Pabón, where she has focused her knowledge on leading the company. Along with her management, she has promoted the creation and development of products that express the company’s commitment to the environment. She has also promoted educational campaigns on recycling within the company and in the communities where it operates.

Pinturas Tito Pabón's overarching goal is to treat the planet better and put forth its best effort to produce non-toxic products.

What has characterized the company as a successful one in the Colombian market?
We have always thought business must be a win-win situation. If the client feels that the product is good, they will buy more. They want a company that generates trust, and to be successful, it is important that the business is focused on delivering proper results to the client. By doing so, you will win in many ways, not just money.

Through which project have you managed to impact and change lives?
Through our goal of teaching people a new way of business, we are focusing on showing other ways to achieve successful lives. For example, in Medellí­n, we have helped many people in Comuna 13. There was a young girl who came up to me when we were doing a project there and told us that our paints saved her life. Despite her history of abuse, through our gallons of paints, she focused on creating murals to overcome that past. Now, she is teaching other girls in the comunas that they must be respected. We were also part of a Noble Prize event where we supported the event through a video educating assistants about the importance of forgiveness, peace, and how Pinturas Tito Pabón is contributing to this goal.

What is your current strategy to further increase the company’s recognition?
In line with the company’s good practices, I conducted studies on some 50 high-profile Latin American CEOs at Berkeley. In addition, I had the opportunity to talk to them about the UN’s SDGs, the quality of focus Tito Pabón has put on these concerns, and our commitment to the basic principles of those goals. It was a great opportunity to show our effort to help the environment by reducing the toxicity of each product we design. At Tito Pabón, we are more committed than ever to the environment, families, and the health of all. The message is clear: industrial companies must treat the planet better and put forth their best effort to produce non toxic products and increase quality, all without affecting the client’s budget. We need to do our best to reduce our impact on the environment and people, and at Tito Pabón we are not tired of doing this.

What actions demonstrate Tito Pabon’s commitment to the environment?
We are upgrading our fleet of trucks to a fleet of electric vehicles. In this way, we will be one of the few to have only electric vehicles in 2020. Additionally, we are focused on reducing the amount of plastic considerably in our products, especially compared to what is offered on the market. To do this, we are making many changes, of which I am extremely proud. At Tito Pabón, we are sure that this green way is the ideal path and we are excited to take action in areas necessary to be more aligned with the SDGs. We have had the support of designers hired in Switzerland to innovate our packaging and focus on an ecological design.

What will be the approach for 2020 and upcoming years to continue being one of the most exemplary companies in the country?
The task does not end, and we must always stay ahead. We have also focused on purchasing recycled furniture and on manufacturing recycled pillows. The point here is to reuse everything we have available. Additionally, we are in the process of launching a digital TV channel on which we will talk about issues surrounding the circular economy, the environment, and good practices. The name of the channel will be Tito TV, and we have people from several universities we want to count on to contribute. We also want to launch TV programs, such as Property Brothers to encourage the transformation of lives
and homes.



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