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Tariq Sangorah



Tariq Sangorah, founder of THRR, represents a distinctive blend of product design and mechanical engineering proficiency. His work revolves around transforming concepts into tangible products, emotions, or experiences, leveraging the realms of product design, musical identity, and cultural immersion. With aspirations to lead the market in product design, he is committed to achieving this goal through collaborative efforts and the establishment of trust.

"The evolving preferences of Saudi consumers, especially the younger generation, pose a significant challenge."
TBY talks to Tariq Sangorah, CEO of THRR, about the company’s development in Saudi Arabia, challenges and opportunities facing the business, and expanding market reach.
Could you introduce to our readers about THRR’s journey in Saudi Arabia since its inception? What are the milestones and highlights achieved?

Since its establishment in 2015, THRR has embarked on a remarkable journey in Saudi Arabia, making a notable impact on the retail scene through its unique approach to design, production, and customer experience. In the context of Saudi Arabia’s ongoing narrative of regeneration, the retail sector presents both exciting opportunities and distinct challenges for THRR.

Saudi Arabia embarks on a journey of regeneration, where many sectors and entities act as a catalyst for change and evolution: what specific challenges and opportunities do you currently identify in your field?

Firstly, the evolving preferences of Saudi consumers, especially the younger generation, pose a significant challenge. They now prioritize high-quality, sustainable, and socially conscious products, which means we must continuously adapt to meet these changing demands while ensuring affordability. Secondly, the booming e-commerce sector is reshaping traditional retail models. To stay competitive, THRR must refine its omnichannel approach, seamlessly integrating online and offline experiences for our customers. Another challenge lies in talent acquisition and training. With the retail landscape evolving rapidly, it’s crucial to build and retain a skilled workforce proficient in areas like data analytics and digital marketing. Moreover, navigating regulations and compliance requirements adds another layer of complexity to our operations, demanding careful attention and resources. Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, there are exciting opportunities on the horizon. We’re focusing on enhancing the customer experience by creating immersive retail environments and delivering personalized service. Embracing technology, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, holds great promise in optimizing our operations and enhancing customer engagement. Sustainability is also a key focus area. By offering eco-friendly products and embracing responsible sourcing practices, we aim to meet the growing demand for sustainable options among Saudi consumers. Furthermore, investing in local content and talent not only supports the regeneration narrative but also strengthens our ties to the community. Lastly, we see potential for expansion into new market segments, leveraging Saudi Arabia’s diversifying economy to introduce innovative products and cater to emerging needs.

THRR is known for creating unique and well-designed products: how do you position THRR in the retail sector, and what sets you apart within the market?

At THRR, we’ve positioned ourselves by embodying the essence of Saudi spirit in our designs. When you think of THRR, envision stepping into a bustling marketplace where every item tells a story of heritage and innovation. We’re not just about products; we’re about crafting experiences that resonate deeply with today’s conscious consumer. Design lies at the heart of everything we do. Our philosophy centers around meticulous attention to detail, bold creativity, and a profound understanding of Saudi culture. Each THRR product is a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and traditional motifs, meticulously crafted to reflect the richness of our heritage. Moreover, quality is non-negotiable for us. We prioritize premium materials and meticulous construction techniques to ensure our products stand the test of time, becoming cherished heirlooms passed down through generations. What sets us apart is our ability to bridge the gap between Saudi tradition and global trends. We celebrate our heritage while embracing the dynamism of the modern world, offering designs that appeal to customers seeking both cultural authenticity and contemporary flair. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our brand. We’re committed to responsible sourcing, eco-friendly materials, and minimizing our environmental footprint. Every decision we make reflects our dedication to a better future. But beyond retail, we’re building a community. We foster connections with our customers, artisans, and local businesses, creating a space for shared creativity and purpose. THRR is more than just a retailer; we’re a movement, redefining Saudi design and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and homes of our consumers.

In light of the regeneration narrative for our next special report: how is THRR working to stay innovative and integrate disruptive solutions within the overall process, from production to customer experience? Can you share the main initiatives that you are particularly proud of?

At THRR, our dedication to innovation and disruptive solutions is ingrained in every aspect of our operations, from production to customer experience. We’ve actively sought out hidden talents across Saudi Arabia to expand our network of suppliers and partners. By doing so, we’ve infused our production process with fresh and innovative ideas, ensuring a dynamic approach to manufacturing. Quality assurance is paramount to us. We’ve established rigorous quality control measures to uphold the highest standards in our products. This ensures that every item leaving our facilities is exceptional and reliable, meeting the expectations of our discerning customers. Moreover, we place great emphasis on delivering an outstanding customer experience. From the initial interaction to the final product delivery, we prioritize excellence at every touchpoint. We actively engage with our clients, soliciting their input and collaborating on design concepts. Throughout the entire journey, we maintain open communication, incorporating their preferences and feedback to guarantee their utmost satisfaction.

Could elaborate on how is your client portfolio composed and the main segments you are focusing your business?

THRR attracts a diverse range of clientele, each drawn to our brand for unique reasons: Design-Conscious Millennials appreciate our innovative designs and vibrant use of color, finding both style and functionality in our products; Discerning Professionals are drawn to the quality and craftsmanship evident in every THRR piece, appreciating our use of premium materials and meticulous attention to detail; Culturally Aware Families resonate with our offerings, which celebrate Saudi traditions with a modern twist, allowing them to pass down cultural values to the next generation; Eco-Minded Consumers are attracted to our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, including our use of recycled materials, support for local artisans, and efforts to minimize our environmental footprint; Tech-Savvy Trendsetters are intrigued by our integration of innovative technologies such as AR and 3D printing into the retail experience, embracing our forward-thinking approach.

THRR has established itself as a prominent player in Saudi Arabia: what are your plans for expanding your market reach and potentially venturing into new product categories or geographical regions?

Regional expansion stands as a cornerstone of THRR’s strategy. While Saudi Arabia provides a sturdy foundation, THRR sets its sights on neighbouring countries with similar cultural affinities and a burgeoning appetite for unique, well-designed products. The UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait emerge as potential targets for future flagship stores and online expansions, poised to introduce THRR’s unparalleled offerings to a wider audience. Furthermore, THRR envisages global partnerships as a catalyst for expansion. Collaborations with international brands or retailers hold the promise of opening doors to new markets and acquainting a broader audience with THRR’s distinctive aesthetic. Envision a THRR pop-up store nestled within a trendy Parisian department store or a limited-edition collection curated in collaboration with a renowned Japanese designer, propelling THRR onto the global stage with panache. And lastly, an omnichannel strategy lies at the heart of THRR’s endeavors to reach a broader customer base. Strengthening their online presence through an engaging website, user-friendly mobile app, and strategic partnerships with e-commerce platforms emerges as a pivotal step in realizing this vision.

What are some emerging trends you’ve observed in the Saudi Arabian market regarding corporate and individual product preferences?

Central to our offerings is the homewares segment, representing the essence of THRR. Here, customers discover a rich tapestry of crafted ceramics, hand-woven textiles, innovative furniture pieces, and striking décor items. Each item is a testament to our dedication to blending tradition with innovation, enriching living spaces with style and sophistication. Our unique aesthetic extends seamlessly into fashion accessories, where handcrafted leather bags, scarves adorned with traditional motifs, and culturally inspired jewellery capture the essence of THRR’s ethos. These accessories not only complement personal style but also serve as cultural expressions, resonating with those who seek both fashion and heritage. For those in search of the perfect gift, our collection of giftware offers a myriad of options suitable for any occasion. From personalized offerings to items that celebrate Saudi heritage in contemporary ways. Additionally, THRR extends its services to cater to businesses and organizations through our corporate services segment. Here, we provide tailored products and experiences, ranging from bespoke employee gifts to unique event décor.

Looking ahead, what is your strategy and key priorities for 2024 yearly agenda?

In 2024, our primary focus revolves around the strategic implementation of initiatives geared towards fostering partnerships with creative local vendors and partners. By embarking on this path, our aim is to optimize our product production processes and deliver exceptional results. We firmly believe that by curating special products sourced locally and rooted in unconventional ideas, we can showcase the unparalleled craftsmanship of Saudi makers at its zenith. Moreover, we are committed to collaborating closely with industry-leading companies to bolster our product production capabilities and cement our position as a frontrunner in the market. Through these strategic alliances, we endeavour to continually enhance our offerings, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Furthermore, our unwavering dedication extends to infusing the essence of the Saudi market and culture into every facet of our products and services. This steadfast commitment not only serves to honour and promote our rich local heritage but also serves as a distinctive factor that sets us apart from competitors.



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