The Business Year

Vinicio Suro Pérez

General Director, Instituto Mexicano de Petróleo (IMP)

Sandra Jahnsen

CEO, Jahnsen Business Consulting & Corporate SA de CV

How would you describe the future of the energy sector in Mexico and the position of operators in the market? VINICIO SURO PÉREZ The opening of the energy sector will […]

How would you describe the future of the energy sector in Mexico and the position of operators in the market?

VINICIO SURO PÉREZ The opening of the energy sector will bring other service companies into the market. These companies are going to compete for the Mexican market, and this will produce better technologies and prices, and the sector will experience tremendous modernization. Ultimately, this will provide significant benefits for the entire industry, for the new arrivals on the block, and for PEMEX. We are going to face strong competition, but we are preparing ourselves for it. We are improving our research and business lines, and making the necessary organizational adjustments for that. I am confident that the IMP will continue succeeding, given that the opening of the Mexican energy market is not a problem, but rather an opportunity.

SANDRA JAHNSEN Jahnsen Business Consulting hopes that more foreign companies will enter the market, because we believe that they will bring their knowledge and best practices to Mexico. It is particularly important to enhance industrial security and environmental protection and to build relationships between partners. In addition to Norwegian companies, we are already working with two Swedish companies, so we are here to open doors for Nordic companies keen to invest in Mexico. We also hope that the changes will open up the sector to more women in Mexico so they can improve their positions in this sector, which would make it more equitable.

What is unique about the Mexican energy sector and what does your company bring to it?

VSP Our main competitive advantage is knowledge, which I feel cannot be bought. This is a key advantage we have over our competitors, and our strategy is to use this knowledge in order to position PEMEX as a much more competitive company. We have the entire value chain in the sense that we have the research, technological development, upscale technology, and commercialization required. We have all these processes and our organization was designed to work with them. This is going to give us quite the competitive advantage compared to the rest of the competition. Our efforts are focused on expediting our internal transformation to improve our capabilities and foster greater innovation, by creating in this way, conditions for PEMEX to compete with higher success in a more open market.

SJ Our company was established in 1997 in Norway and opened in Mexico in 2010 to bring knowledge and technology from Norway to PEMEX and other companies operating in Mexico’s energy sector. PEMEX is a vital partner for us. For 30 to 40 years, PEMEX has invested very little in technology, but now we are improving together. We also represent five Norwegian companies with advanced technologies in industrial security and environmental protection. This is a major reason to be present in Mexico, where the focus on industrial security and environmental protection is bound to increase with the energy sector opening up to international companies.



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