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KUWAIT - Health & Education

Thamer Ibrahim Arab

CEO, Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN)


Thamer Ibrahim Arab has been the CEO of DHAMAN since October 2021. He has held a number of leadership executive positions and board memberships in major institutions with a career that exceeds 25 years. His career includes accomplishing tangible achievements in major institutions within the banking, insurance and aviation sectors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from California State University, in addition to a number of specialized training programs in many areas, such as leadership, strategy, economics, and operations.

"Technology is an enabler and is a part of any organization today."
A key part of the Vision 2035 pillar for healthcare, DHAMAN is working to increase digitalization in the healthcare sector and improve awareness and education amongst the population.
DHAMAN is the first PPP healthcare organization in the region. How did the company come to exist?

DHAMAN is part of the government’s vision. In 2010, the Ministry of Health predicted that an increase in the population would cause pressure on the public healthcare sector and came up with a health maintenance organization (HMO), inspired by similar systems in the US and Europe. It is a system never employed before in our region and is the reverse of the private healthcare system. In an HMO, physicians benefit from a reduced number of patients coming in and focus on healthcare awareness and a healthy population. This is the whole vision of DHAMAN as part of Kuwait’s Vision 2035 pillar for healthcare. As the first-ever PPP in our local healthcare, it is tasked with looking over around 50% of the population.

How will the use of electronic medical records (EMR) empower DHAMAN’s operations?

Technology is an enabler and is a part of any organization today. DHAMAN made sure from its inception to adapt and utilize technology in every possible field. EMR allows DHAMAN to have complete unified electronic files that follow patients wherever they go. It is accessible to all DHAMAN affiliates with access to its platform. We made sure it works with the ICT 11, an international coding system used worldwide with 16,000 different codes linked to medication to help us get to know our patients. The treating doctor will know a patient’s medical history with one search of the database. This is in addition to a patient portal that will be accessible on mobile devices. We want to extend a population health management system where we will monitor and categorize patients from low to high risk. We aim to focus on the highest-risk patients and ensure a category 2 patient does not move to category 3. The best way to cure people is to help them stay healthy.

Is education and prevention a part of DHAMAN’s plan and agenda?

Yes, they are integral part of our agenda. Currently, we have a local company doing research on the subject. Based on the feedback gathered, we will conduct mobilization campaigns whereby we go out to the communities to do health checks. The pandemic has taught us that prevention is the key to treatment. In addition, our operator will add value by going out to communities and giving lectures and seminars. The challenge is that Kuwait has many different nationalities, cultures, and communities to address. We want to gather as much data about communities’ needs as possible and share our insights with them, so they can make healthier choices about their lifestyles. Our approach will be personalized and will accommodate the patient’s needs in the best way possible.

What is the company’s biggest goal for the coming months?

Our biggest goal is to complete the medical network, which has five primary healthcare centers (PHCs) and two hospitals with a 330-bed capacity each. My priority is to make sure the hospitals are ready, with around 1,900 medical staff for each hospital. There has been a large nurses’ migration from this region to Germany and UK, as nurses are going there by the thousands, which has become a part of our challenge. DHAMAN seeks to establish a training academy for the medical sector, in cooperation with a number of educational authorities in the country, such as Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties (KIMS), Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET), in order to provide practical education and training to students of these institutions in the company’s hospitals. I want to make sure we get the best-in-class medical support to serve our community. When it comes to patient health and safety standards, we have been certified by the Joint Commissioning Institute (JCI), the equivalent of the ISO for the medical field. We are the first medical platform in Kuwait to get the JCI for PHCs.



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