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Education reform and development is a national priority for Saudi Arabia, resulting in a lucrative and booming industry.

Mohammed Alzighibi

CEO, Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu)

One of the core focuses of our strategy is digital content, and we are the sole provider for the Ministry of Education in terms of blended content and digital content. We provide thousands of digital textbooks and learning and teaching resources consolidated in the iEN, the National Education Portal that is customized and tailored toward the new generation of learners. We want to engage current and future generations in a way that stimulates them and captures their attention. In less than two years, we have managed to reach 1 million new active users and have welcomed about 9 million visitors to the iEN portal. We provide services to users both within Saudi Arabia and across the world as part of our digital education strategy. We work in partnership with our sister company, which owns and operates the LMS, and our content is embedded in its systems. T4edu operates both as a content developer and delivery intermediary. Our content strategy is comprehensive; we develop our own content while also working with our partners to buy or collaboratively develop new content unique to the Kingdom.

Dr. Saud Mossa Alsalahi

General Director, Saudi Digital Library (SDL)

SDL is an initiative of the Ministry of Education and serves as the digital portal, offering all public universities and learning institutes the digital resources and learning materials they need. We are honored to have grown to become the largest digital library in the Middle East, currently offering more than 600 million resources in the form of magazines, journals, books, case studies, and other media. With this library of resources, we cover all specialties, ranging from primary education to the various academic disciplines. Currently, we are studying how to install SDL as the national licensing organization and broaden our scope, offering our digital resources to all educational institutes. Both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance have applauded the efforts of SDL to reduce expenses for digital resources by centralizing our portal. Overall, expenses have baeen reduced by 80%. Our mandate is two-fold, and aside from providing digital learning materials to our universities, we also strive to increase the scientific output of our universities and that of Saudi scholars studying around the world.

Mishary Alibraheem

Managing Director, Mishary Alibraheem

We provide five types of services. One is advisory services, where we help improve the performance of schools, training institutes, and universities. The second line of business is supporting investors both international and local to establish or acquire schools. The third service is teacher training; Emkan Education is the only organization certified by Cambridge University in Saudi Arabia to provide its renowned professional development qualification. In addition, we also support schools by managing Cambridge examinations. The fourth is developing content; for example, we work with operators to adjust international programs and adapt them to a local context. We introduced new subjects such as Arabic, religion, and history; we co-create the content alongside the operators. The fifth service is education technology. We developed a platform called “Aanaab,“ which is an online teacher training platform with the aim of providing high-quality content for teachers and creating professional learning communities.

Khaled Al-AbdulSalem

CEO, Riyaadi

Riyaadi is an initiative of the Ministry of Education under the National Transformation Program (NTP) to provide students with the right skills for the labor market and stimulate culture of entrepreneurship. We work to prepare the young generation for Vision 2030 and beyond. The country envisions more entrepreneurs and a more vibrant SME landscape to ultimately benefit society at large and increase GDP. Thus, we are working toward encouraging entrepreneurial mindsets with a unique digital platform that reaches out directly to students. This digital platform consists of various sub-programs. It contains digital training alongside a YouTube-type channel with exercises and activities. The program in itself is extremely interactive. Currently, we are launching a pilot program targeting well over 35,000 students, of which the majority are female. The engine of entrepreneurship is currently developed from various perspectives—funding, mentorship, and regulations, and we focus on training and stimulation.



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