The Business Year

Kozhabayev Khairulla

General Director, Almaty Electromechanical Plant

Ivan Doudin

CEO, Honeywell International

What is the extent of your operations in Kazakhstan? KOZHABAYEV KHAIRULLA At Almaty Electromechanical Plant, we manage enterprises specializing in the design, production, and installation of electrical devices and systems. […]

What is the extent of your operations in Kazakhstan?

KOZHABAYEV KHAIRULLA At Almaty Electromechanical Plant, we manage enterprises specializing in the design, production, and installation of electrical devices and systems. The company provides a full range of services for customers, working on a well-defined cycle of projects, production, and installation, in that order. The company works with local customers, which is beneficial as they view us as their partners, since we fulfill obligations on time. This is important to us because our reputation will provide us with more clients, and this will allow us to operate more profitably. We used to have problems with delivery dates, but now we assure our customers that deadlines mean just that, and we do so by adhering to the Japanese production methodology known as 5S.

IVAN DOUDIN I personally think that developments in the energy arena are considerably interesting. Honeywell International is producing new biofuels, which our aircraft are already flying on. We also have impressive examples of the kinds of large-scale projects we have completed, and it is not just a case of us showing a presentation. In June 2013, we had interesting discussions and meetings with the ministers of Emergency Response, Defense, Oil and Gas, and Industry and New Technologies. We have many technologies that we can offer and there are a lot of problems and issues that we might solve, or help in solving. Building code information and solutions are also important parts of our strategy, especially in Astana and other newly built cities in the country.

How is your partnership with Kentausky Polytechnic College helping you in education and the training of workers?

KK We opened Kentau Polytechnic College in December 2011, and it is one of the structural units of Alageum. We have chosen for a dual system of training, which means that students study and practice their knowledge at plants simultaneously, and hone their skills at actual production facilities. The college has more than 280 students, and I think this confirms our future.

What solutions do you offer in green energy?

ID We have an Environment Control Division, which deals with the complexities of alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar, and biofuels. The main issue with alternative sources of energy is the high price. New technology will allow you to have what you want; you can have a traditional source of energy fully supplied by alternatives such as wind, solar, or water, although the price remains quite expensive. This is especially the case in Kazakhstan in comparison to the cost of one kilowatt of electricity produced by traditional methods. Conventional energy production has increased slightly over the past few years, and of course new technology is reducing the cost of electronics. However, without investment support and donations from the government and other organizations, green energy will not be viewed as a primary business solution for energy needs.

What are your plans for 2014, and in which particular region of Kazakhstan do you plan to expand?

KK The most imminent export plans include the opening of a transformer plant in Uralsk city in September 2014, the construction of which began in 2013. We will have 800 people working there. The equipment is already being installed. It is all aimed at export to Russia, and for this purpose the plant was built in that particular area.

What is the strategic importance of Kazakhstan for Honeywell’s global operations?

ID I would say it is one of the top-10 countries because it is not only about what we are doing currently in the operation (which is one of the measurements), but also about the opportunities that we have, our expectations for the next three to five years, and our strategic plans. There will be billions of dollars of investment over the coming years, so the opportunities are there.



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