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Dr. Guna Muppuri

JAMAICA - Health & Education

The Magic of Popular Medicine

CEO, Indies Pharma


Dr. Guna Muppuri is a medical doctor and the principal founder and CEO of Indies Pharma Jamaica Limited. He is also a well-established and successful entrepreneur in diversified industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to medical education. He is also the founder of Bioprist Pharmaceuticals North America and Bioprist Las Americas Limited. Dr. Muppuri will embrace additional responsibility as the President of the upcoming Bioprist Institute of Health and Medical Sciences and Bioprist Knowledge Parks.

Certain players remain as visionary as they are useful to the populace, with just as much research and development devoted to helping patients as turning a profit.

How would describe the company’s main achievements so far?

Our entrepreneurial journey, which commenced in 2005 in an unpredictable and a small economy, has been a rollercoaster ride. Yet, our calculated risk-taking strategic approach in a challenging economy made us survive and emerge as a market winner. Today, we are a force to be reckoned with due to our diversified approach that caters to patients across Jamaica with a product line spanning 27 therapeutic segments. Our presence on the stock exchange and the demand that it is creating on the exchange speaks volumes about our achievements.

How are you ensuring investor confidence?

Our core product line and business model has led to an aggressive brand equity development along with creating a new market for our niche product line. A market that is created and owned by us gives our investors’ confidence, which is further strengthened by our guaranteed delivery of stable and positive results, unless there is a radical phenomenon that is due to reasons beyond our control.

How is Indies Pharma developing the healthcare sector, and what can be done to improve it?

Since its formation, Indies Pharma has played a pivotal role in subsidizing the cost of drugs for peple suffering from chronic illnesses by partnering with the National Health Fund. In addition to that, almost a decade ago, our strategies implemented in the past have spread awareness regarding the availability of certain drugs in high demand. Moreover, the patent issues associated with them have also been positively impacted, allowing the National Health Fund’s budget to save in excess of JMD300 million per annum. The long-term benefits of the above-mentioned initiatives for patients has turned out to be priceless. Moving forward, the country needs serious health care reforms that can boost the healthcare sector’s strength and make it self-sustainable on a long-term basis.

How do you asses Jamaica’s vision for becoming a regional leader in the health and wellness sector, and what is Indies Pharma’s role in fulfilling this?

Jamaica needs serious health care reform to become a regional leader. Most importantly, unless the country passes an attractive legislation to invite medical tourism opportunities and upgrade its public health centers and hospitals, it will not bear fruit. To this end, in 2008, Indies Pharma volunteered to make recommendations and reforms that should be implemented to achieve set targets, but we were disappointed that there have been no takers to date.



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