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Thomas Mateos

Chairman of the Board, Kazakhstan Kagazy


Our company is of significant importance for the country. It grew out of the program for import substitution and it is one of the success stories of this program in creating a diversified industrial base in Kazakhstan. We are the biggest paper producing company in the country, and the region. So, we are really contributing to the diversification of the economy.


One of my main strategic focuses has been to change the financial management strategy. Instead of piling up more and more debt to finance current outflows I made the company face financial reality. We stopped loan payments and started a transparent, thorough, and constructive restructuring of our debt portfolio.


My outlook for Kazakhstan Kagazy is very positive. I refocused the company toward profitability through real growth, not growth by debt. With the economy growing, this company has great prospects. It is going to surprise a lot of players in the country.

Sergey Kulayev

Amcor, General Manager


Before 2010 there was no Amcor plant in Kazakhstan, as its current facility had been operating under the Alcan brand since 2000. Amcor acquired the Alcan packaging business in 2010, and the acquisition had a significant positive impact on our business from a global point of view.


We do not export directly, but we produce packaging for our customers’ products manufactured for other markets in the region, but much smaller in terms of the volume. This is not because Kazakhstanis use more than the markets around us, but because those markets have other companies that provide them with tobacco products, both local and foreign.


Before the Customs Union, there were limitations for Russian companies to supply goods to Kazakhstan. Now it is easier for us to import from Russia. On the other hand, there is a threat as well. In the global market we have competitors, and due to the introduction of the Customs Union it is easier for Russian companies to come to Kazakhstan with their products.

Anastasios Sitsas

General Director, Anastasios Sitsas


The characteristics of Kazakhstani society are unique, which is one of the root causes of their purchasing behavior. Family values are very important here, and friendship, trust, and respect have great importance in society. This is also reflected in their way of doing business. If a foreign businessman can adopt those values, he has the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships.


Our objective is to create production facilities in Kazakhstan and use it as an export hub. It is one of the most stable economies in the CIS region. The government is stable, legislation is strong, the tax regime is positive, and all these factors are very favorable for us. Our main facility is in Almaty and our aim is to keep on enhancing it and create a hub for exports.


Our foundations are very strong. We never stop investing in technology and the skills of our people. Our mentality is to bring in talent and grow leaders. We are very keen on nurturing the learning culture. Of course we believe that the future is very strong.



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