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Erol Hacıoğlu

General Manager, Graniser Seramik


We would like to keep the production in Turkey, but use Spain for marketing. It makes more sense in the long term for the company to partner with a European firm because we would like to be in the heart of Europe.


Gas equates to 40% of our production costs. However, I can’t explain to foreign customers that natural gas prices in Turkey are increasing because it’s not like that in other countries.


We recently opened a showroom in Benghazi, Libya. Moving forward we want to open another five showrooms across Libya by the end of 2013. Right now we are focusing on Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria, but we will also look to other areas.

K. Gökhan Bozkurt

CEO, Nuh Çimento


Nuh Çimento started production in 1969 with an installed capacity of 500,000 tons of cement a year. Today, the capacity is 4.4 million tons of clinker and 6 million tons of cement.


We are one of the major exporters of Turkey with more than 1 million tons a year of exports, which is approximately 20% of our business. It is about $60 million a year.


In 2012 Turkey’s cement capacity was the fifth largest in the world. Two or three years ago, we came in fourth for global capacity. The total capacity is roughly 100 million tons of cement production a year.

Buğra Kavuncu

Managing Director & Market Manager, Russia, CIS, & Turkey, Buğra Kavuncu


BASF has a 30-year history in Turkey, and it is one of the biggest construction chemical companies with a large range of products in its portfolio. There are many local players in Turkey, but most of them are busy with only certain construction chemicals.


Turkey has a specific position in this region, because after the financial crisis it did not slow down. If you look at GDP growth rates and the construction industry growth rate, especially from 2008 until today, you see a growing economy.


You have to be innovative, and naturally this affects your success. If you want to be in a position where you manage the market or where you drive the market, you have to be innovative.



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