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Jason Wright

JAMAICA - Telecoms & IT

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Managing Director, Red Key Solutions


Jason Wright was graduated from Devry College in Canada. He spent 10 years working in IT and the electronic security industry before moving back to Jamaica. He has been in the same industry in Jamaica for 12 years, where he has built as well an elite security company.

Renowned for its quality and speedy service, Red Key Solutions is banking on its unique offerings to expand into other markets.

Why do 80% of the companies in Montego Bay choose Red Key Solutions?

The primary reason is our quality of service, second only to our speedy service; the majority of our clients get their matters resolved within 24 hours as compared to days or weeks. This is vital for some clients that cannot afford downtime at all because of how their operations run. Their security is so crucial to their operation that you have to respond quickly to the client center.

Do you have any priorities in terms of expansion?

We are focused on the north coast because there are several players all across the south coast near Kingston. There is enough business for everybody and I am satisfied with what we have achieved by operating in the north coast. Quality is extremely important for us and as a result, keeping things under control ensures clients remain happy.

Are you looking for potential partnerships in order to maintain your market share?

Partnerships are always good, especially in the technology world. Signing more partnerships means more trainings, which at the end provides us with all the additional edge needed. We have quite a few partners that we work with and that benefits us as we are able to offer the warranties that our partner companies offer. This is another factor that allows us to provide speedy service.

What are your expectations in terms of an expansion through Caricom?

It is a definite given. The goal is to be present in at least two countries within the Caribbean by the end of 2019. This is why we are so focused on the BPO industry, as we realize that there are not many companies that can offer both sides of technology. We offer both the IT side that is extremely in depth and the electronic security side. If I can bring that to a country that does not have the ability or talent, it will benefit Red Key immensely. The idea is to expand to other markets and show clients what they have been missing. There are huge opportunities available in other markets, which is why expansion is our ultimate goal at the moment.

How would you describe the relationship you have in the US and Latin America in order to reach more markets?

We mainly deal with companies in the US because most of the call centers and partners are based there. We found that a lot of our US-based clients want to fly our technicians to their operations around the world to help them set up. Similarly, we recently started working with a Mexican company and it is also interested in using our technicians for consultation purposes because the build out rules are different for every country. Once we send a technician to consult and lay out the client’s new office and call center, local talent can be used to build out the space. Once that is achieved, we know that our consultations produced the desired results.

What are your main goals for 2019?

First, I would love to have a full hybrid fleet for our technicians. The second goal for 2019 is to have such a technology hub at Red Key that we attract only the best talent. The future is interesting and we are looking for that raw talent that makes technology exciting.

What are the top two benefits and challenges of doing business in Jamaica?

Two key benefits of doing business in Jamaica are the island’s geographical location and its local talent pool. On the other hand, bureaucracy and the unstable dollar form two of the biggest challenges in the market.



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