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Rogelio Cumberbatch

PANAMA - Transport

The Right Latitude

National Logistics & Commercial Manager, RED VERDE PANAMA (SERVIENTREGA)


Rogelio Cumberbatch completed his university studies at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), where he obtained his degree in mechanical engineering. After that, he returned to his native country where he earned postgraduate degrees in finance and environment. He has a professional career of over 23 years in the logistics sector. At Servientrega, he has actively participated in the improvement of implementation of a new computer system and the development of innovative services.

Servientrega is a local logistics company with a solid track record in the country and big ambitions outside of it.

Why is Panama important to your portfolio?

Panama has seen sustained economic growth year after year, and this growth is reflected in the portfolio that Servientrega has developed. We create diversification strategies and can offer the Panamanian market more than 12 logistics products that have made our brand well known. We service 98% of the country every day with our deliveries. These are quality products that satisfy our customers. In addition, the country is relevant globally because of its strategic location and the development of the canal. Servientrega has benefited from being a bridge that connects producers in the south with consumers in the north.

How is Servientrega taking advantage of the free trade zones in the country?

Having access to the free zones gives us the opportunity to offer services to the vessels that arrive in the country. Many renowned global brands are located here, and they have chosen us to distribute their products throughout the country because of the logistics facilities we provide. We have developed strategies to stay at the forefront of services tailored to our consumers, including door-to-door delivery of products.

What is the strategic importance of having 12 branches and nine processing logistic centers countrywide?

We achieved this by creating a route architecture based on our distribution centers. These hubs are in the population centers of the country. We also benefit from the experience and professionalism of our collaborators. Our strategically designed infrastructure allows us to cover the entire value chain. That includes storage, inventory control, distribution, and door-to-door delivery. We are the logistics operator with the greatest diversity of specialized products, and this is how we add value for our customers.

Who are your key clients in Panama?

Our portfolio is diverse. We serve the banking sector with door-to-door delivery of credit cards, compensation checks, messaging, and document handling. Also, we serve the industrial sector with premier products, from spare parts to finished products. We also work in the securities sector with general electronics, microchips, and cellphones. Additionally, we serve insurance companies with collections of checks and discount letters, managing their customer address databases. We are also active in the pharmaceutical sector, delivering medication to hospitals, clinics, and integrated health centers. Furthermore, we serve agricultural companies. We work in coffee production, for example. Our services there include the shipment and marketing of their samples worldwide. We are strategic partners of other global delivery companies that use us to cover the domestic demand. We not only serve large companies but are also the link between smaller companies and their potential consumers. We have developed applications that bring customers to our website.

What are your goals for 2020?

Our objectives for end 2019 and early 2020 are all about continuing to diversify our services. We predict great opportunities in the government sector. Currently, we are experiencing a boom in companies dedicated to e-commerce, especially small companies that need to market their products quickly and cheaply. We also see a potential expansion of Panama’s ports thanks to more trade with China. The domestic market will have an important place as well.



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