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José Paulo Netto

ECUADOR - Economy

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Country Geographic Leader, PwC Ecuador


José Paulo Netto was born in 1949 and studied Economic Sciences in Sío Paulo, where he was certified as a Brazilian Public Accountant. He joined PwC in 1973 and has been a partner in charge of many offices in Brazil. Before coming to Ecuador, he was Partner-in-Charge of the Ribeirío Preto office, well known for its strong focus on the agribusiness industry. He assumed his current position in 2008.

José Paulo Netto, Country Geographic Leader of PwC Ecuador, on the company’s activities in Ecuador. PwC is a global network of separate and independent firms working in Ecuador to provide […]

José Paulo Netto, Country Geographic Leader of PwC Ecuador, on the company’s activities in Ecuador.

PwC is a global network of separate and independent firms working in Ecuador to provide quality services in auditing, business consulting, technology, operational processes, executive search, accounting, and tax matters. The firms composing this global network operate in 158 countries and bring together more than 169,000 employees and partners throughout the world. The knowledge, expertise, and ability of our professionals enhance value through solutions delivered to our clients, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Our presence in Ecuador dates back to 1969. We count on a select team of more than 300 professionals operating in Quito and Guayaquil. The expertise and academic excellence of our human talent are the key factors that assure the efficient delivery of services, making us a significant player and leader in this industry nationwide. In addition, the profound commitment to ethical and transparent principles included at the heart of our activities turns PwC into a symbol of quality and reliability for its clients and the authorities.

The volatile global economic environment, constant changes and uncertainties, regulatory provisions, economic strategies and models, laws issued by regulators and public officials, as well as the modernization of government assistance are a permanent source of opportunities that have allowed PwC to contribute to the economic actors and regulators in the accomplishment of their objectives. Therefore, we continue to implement an aggressive strategy of growth and support to entrepreneurial and Ecuadorean government undertakings through the innovation and development of products, business models, and simplification of the application of best market practices, coupled with an advisory service for the enforcement of accounting and tax rules and regulations established by the corresponding authorities.

The firm’s solid growth is linked to the sustained development of the Ecuadorean economy—it has presented some of the most important indicators in South America—and to the permanent investment in human capital and technology. Our development is the direct result of commitment to the country, encouraged by PwC values and a corporate responsibility culture. On January 2012, we experienced an 18% increase in our professional team compared to last year, and this growth rate has turned into the benchmark of our practice.

Our professionals are permanently challenged to maintain ongoing learning, reach their full potential, and develop an enthusiastic and ambitious mindset, thus giving their all in any circumstance to themselves, their clients, their community, and their country. Furthermore, in accordance with diversity and social inclusion policies and legally binding regulations, we count on the collaboration of 10 employees with special needs, who receive our unwavering support. As far as social participation is concerned, in recent years we have developed some activities in order to encourage the active sharing of our partners and collaborators each year, such as painting schools in urban slums or planting trees in public parks.

We aim to offer not only a job opportunities but a career plan. Each year, we invest 1% of our income in human talent through post-graduate programs, language courses, and other training programs. We count on the collaboration of partners and directors with a large professional background in different areas.

At PwC, we are aware of the mission to be the ultimate firm providing professional services throughout the world. The market is constantly demanding us to work toward the highest standards, with a positive attitude and passion in our undertakings. It is a mission that requires constant dedication, effort, investment in our people, and an unwavering commitment to our clients and our country.



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