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Raúl Beyruti

MEXICO - Economy

To Be the Best

President, GINgroup


Raúl Beyruti is a certified public accountant and the founder of GINgroup, a leading company that focuses on administrating the human talent of over 70 subsidiaries in a wide range of sectors, from media to restaurants and recruitment, among others. The company is certified as a Great Place to Work and is expanding internationally.

By focusing on giving its clients high-level service, no matter the size of the company, GINgroup has managed to retain a high percentage of its clients year after year.

How does GINgroup contribute to the human talent market in Mexico?

Our company has been able to grow extensively over the last year, and we would like to see this growth reflected in our country. In 2018, Mexico did not grow more than 2%, while GINgroup reached 28%. According to our data, we will grow an additional 25% in 2019. We expect to close 2018 with MXN32 billion (USD1.7 billion) and MXN38 billion (USD3 billion) in 2019 in billings. No other company in Mexico has as many collaborators or employees as GINgroup. Our closest competitor has 66,000 employees. GINgroup is the fifth-most important employer in Mexico, after only Pemex, FEMSA, Telmex, and Walmart. This allows us to grow alongside the country and make sure our clients are highly satisfied. Once this is achieved, we eliminate the issue of rotation, which is one of the highest costs in terms of human talent. We generate an increase in production, so we produce higher profits; by producing higher profits we generate better wages, pay more taxes and dividend withdrawals, and invest in the company. We were ranked the 383rd-most important company in Latin America and the 122nd- most important in Mexico. Our goal is to continue growing and start the next six years with a positive attitude.

What differentiates you from other companies that offer similar services?

We have two important concepts. One is that we decided a long time ago to give the customer the service they need and require and only to pay for it once they are 100% satisfied. This has helped us minimize client losses year after year. We have clients that have been working with us for 10 years, which means great stability with the client, but there is a great deal of work behind this stability. Those who work with us are also given the opportunity to launch careers as accountants, lawyers, doctors, and economists. Once they complete their bachelors, we finance their further higher education, such as masters and doctorates. At this moment we have 350 people with scholarships, of which 10 are at the doctoral level. We prioritize knowledge and are imparting it to the people in the company. This makes us the best operator in Mexico and Latin America, and in three years we seek to become the best human talent administrator in the world. We have created a great payroll system that allows us to give our clients top-level service, no matter how many employees they have. Another difference is that GINgroup offers the entire recruitment process at no cost to the client, while other companies charge for that service. These solid structures between clients and companies have allowed us to create financial institutions called Sofomes, which are regulated by law and with which we support our clients in the issue of working talent, exclusively for financing payroll or staff control teams and staff support with loans for vehicles, homes, parties, or investment programs for retirement. By having our own bank, we could offer this service to all our clients and collaborators.

What steps is the company taking to be the best?

We have excellent support in communication and are already the number-two company in media, digital, and print. We have key partnerships with important publications. We also have alliances with radio personalities and business and finance outlets, though we seek an alliance with a medium abroad to be a reference in the field of human talent to publicize our efforts in the field. GINgroup is helping to educate small and medium-sized entrepreneurs so that when they start their business, they can become successful. If we succeed, Mexico can grow its GDP and generate more than 1 million jobs. The country needs to create 1 million jobs a year, a figure we are not reaching because of crime, emigration, and the informal nature of the economy.



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