The Business Year

Sami Alan

Chairman, Atlasjet


In 2002, prior to deregulation, there were 8.7 million air passengers annually in Turkey; in 2012, we are at almost 60 million. Within 10 years, the number has jumped seven times.


One of the major factors in the growth of Turkey’s transportation sector has been competition. Turkish Airlines was the only carrier, and competition has helped to stimulate demand because without competition you don’t have much advertising or campaigning.


If you are price sensitive there is a good reason to buy our tickets. This is because we are price effective and we offer low prices. If you are product sensitive then it is also wise to buy our tickets, since we are cheaper for the same product.

Kadir Peker

General Manager, Borajet


If you invest in regional air travel the planes are smaller, so you are limiting yourself from the beginning. The planes can’t fly more than two hours, carry 200 passengers, or compete with jet aircraft.


We are communicating with people at light speed, but it is not good enough by itself. People need to travel at an acceptable speed. They should have the opportunity to go anywhere with comfort and speed; this is very important.


Now, we are flying to 19 destinations together and giving them 48 connections. Code sharing is saving Turkish Airlines millions of dollars every month.

Kürşad Arusan

Chairman & CEO, Kürşad Arusan


You can be a low-fare carrier, you can be a legacy carrier, or you can be a regional carrier. The regional airline concept has its own unique challenges.


If you start flying from Istanbul to Ankara from the Golden Horn, you will meet the needs of business travelers. We will give them the opportunity to save time. It is all about the expectations of the clients. Our service offers convenience and connects sites that have not been connected.


We have recently completed a study on 80 possible untapped destinations in Turkey, which no other carrier flies to. Some of them are float operations on water, and some of them are regular land operations.

Georges N. Saikali

Manager, Turkey, Middle East Air


The Istanbul-Beirut route is very important, as it is a crucial link between Lebanon and Turkey. Turkish and Lebanese people share many similarities, and there is a substantial potential of trade and tourism between the two countries.


Tourism has boomed between the two countries. We regularly organize familiarization trips and invite travel agents and tour operators. Beirut has always been an attractive destination. It is famous for its resorts, nightlife, casinos, and shopping.


Although e-ticketing is the future and has made business travel more efficient, we still believe that travel agents are important. We always have to adapt to whatever developments come about.



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