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Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi

UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Telecoms & IT

Touching lives around the world

CEO, Algorythma


The CEO of Algorythma, Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi brings a wealth of experience from working in senior leadership positions across businesses, government, and academia. He also serves as managing director of Krypto Labs, managing director of Saal, a board member of Alef Education, and a board member of 500 Startups. Most recently, he was executive director of infrastructure and environment at the General Secretariat of Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council. Al Hashemi was also the chairman of Integrated Securities and the chairman of Integrated Capital PJSC. He holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Tufts University in the US. He is a patented inventor and a published author in several peer-reviewed academic journals, including Science Magazine.

Algorythma centers its strategy around developing innovative solutions that can be implemented across the globe, while aligning with the latest advancements of the fourth industrial revolution.

Can you provide an overview of the organization and its major milestones?
Around seven years ago, we looked at different industries that could be positively disrupted with innovative technologies. We found that the education and healthcare sectors were lacking compared to others globally. Our vision is to assess problems that can be addressed by a technological solution. Thus, we launched with a vision to touch 1 billion lives through technology. Our strategy centers around developing innovative solutions that can be implemented across the globe, while aligning with the latest advancements of the fourth industrial revolution. As global businesses rise to meet consumer demands, we aim to lead the way from the heart of the UAE, in Abu Dhabi. This strategy aligns with our main objective, which is to contribute to strengthening the position of the UAE as a global hub for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. At our core, we define, design, and disrupt. We define global industry-specific challenges and design high-end solutions to improve the quality of life for people across different regions, thus disrupting industries. In 2016, we brought together innovative people from technical and human sciences to develop solutions that can genuinely spark an impact across their industries. Today, our technologies and AI-powered solutions are spread across the country. We have produced solutions across various sectors, including healthcare, government services, education, retail, entrepreneurship, UAVs, and much more. Despite being based in the UAE, we have already gone global. We have established partnerships in the US, the Netherlands, and Singapore and have presented in conferences around the world. We are proud to have already gone global in just a few years, and we aim to continue toward achieving our vision of impacting a billion lives across the planet.

How do you work with stakeholders or institutions within these sectors to develop solutions?
We have built close relationships with many major entities, and these relationships foster significant knowledge exchange. We have a measured approach to implementation, which means we can supply technologies that are appropriate for different scenarios. This process is also an opportunity for us to learn along the way. We also bring people together from diverse technological spectrums. We have experts from engineering, innovation, and investment backgrounds. When confronted with a challenge, we draw on all these backgrounds and find an appropriate solution. This is important because we follow a holistic approach. When you follow a holistic approach to business, you can better tackle challenges that come along the way, and you become equipped with the knowledge to build well-rounded solutions.

Where do you see your solutions playing a role in the next five years?
The wise leadership of the UAE continues to lead and encourage a culture of innovation in the country, and there is awareness that technological adoption carries a positive impact on society. I see our solutions growing on a larger scale and potentially enhancing the quality of everyday life for people in the UAE. AI, for example, has developed into something that comprises many practical functions. Moreover, the utilization of data helps guide decision-makers in making effective choices. The business landscape will be different in 20 years. If we look at successful organizations like Amazon, Airbnb, and Careem, they became successful not because of substantial investment in assets but through creativity. In today’s globalized world, most people are educated and fully capable of applying their skills. It is up to us to engage these creative innovators and give them the platform to let their ideas become a reality. Fortunately for us, the government encourages the adoption of these broader trends. I fundamentally believe this region has a lot to offer, and I am fortunate that we are living in an era where we can contribute and touch as many lives as possible in a positive and impactful way. We are pleased to support the ecosystem and look forward to many exciting years ahead.



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